Thursday, September 8, 2011

September 8, 2011

Things you see on a walk...

This is my "Would you PLEASE hurry up?" look!

This is my "I think that dog might be bored!" video.
(That is not me.  We were just walking
by his house when he decided to say "Hello!"
I wonder if he has a trampoline!)


  1. Stop signs in the desert ! How cool is that jack ?

  2. I think that dog in the video might be a relation ....

  3. No, that is not Jumping Jack! Funny though hehe. G and Miss Mindy

  4. OMC Jack I need to learn that 'would you please hurry up look'. It would be very useful at breakfast.
    That puppy was very happy to see you. If his peeps aren't careful he'll literally be hopping over to say hi.
    Hugs from your bfff,

  5. We suggest decaf for your furiend....

  6. Now if that were Jack in the video you could call it Jumping Jacks.

  7. Raider wanted to send you a note:

    I know, I know, don't you just hate when your humans deely dally on walks?! And then they get all hissy fit when you stop to smell the... pee mail!! Like we gotta see who was by there last!

    I think you're right,your buddy there has a trampoline! That or he's a Jack Russell Terrier! They have so much spring in their feet! BOL

  8. Oh dat video was so funny. Dat dog either be a high-jumper or he does have a trampoline! BOL

  9. Boy o boy - that dog can jump!! He either has springs for legs or he has a trampoline, if you'd hung around you might have seen a triple twist from him lol!!! Dex and Lou xxx

  10. Oh my word Jack, what next!
    Benny & Lily

  11. You need to return to the scene of the crime and get TG to bring a ladder. We want to see if that dog has jet propulsion or a trampoline or what.


  12. i think i'd do that too if i were behind a solid concrete wall my whole life!
    he is a cutie though.
    well hurry up tall guy. let's keep walkin!
    tammy j

  13. Jack,

    That dog is wearing springs on his back paws! ;)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  14. Gee..I dont know JAck, but I think I would keep away from that jumpy dawg, i'm just sayin....

    Jazzi and addy

  15. LOL!! That really does look like he's on a trampoline!

  16. We think he's sayin 'Hey Jack... Jack... Whatdya doin there Jack... Hey Jack... What's up Jack... Hey Jack... Yea you Jack...Jack whatdya say there Jack...Hey Jack...'

  17. That's a dog who needs a chain link fence. Or at least bars in his prison at well regulated intervals. Hope you appreciate your own good luck in having selected the TG to live with, when you see that.

    Jed & Abby