Friday, May 25, 2012

May 25, 2012

I told him not to do it!

Someone saw the video of me rolling around on the grass and said that the tall guy should join me.  Well he did and now he's doing nothing but laying on the couch watching "The People's Court" on the teevees because he hurt his back!  He said it hurts so much we can only go walking for 10 miles each day instead of the normal 250 miles each day that we used to walk*.  He can't even get to the camera, so he had to use his phone to take this picture of me biting my lip and looking concerned.

Oh well.  Maybe he'll be better by this weekend so we can go to the opening of the new dog park that is near the house.  Keep tuned...

*  Please note that it doesn't hurt so much that he can't get up off the couch and get himself a Pepsi whenever he feels like it! Uh-huh!


  1. oh dear Jack..hope the Tall Guy feels better soon..not as young as he thought he was?

  2. Oh Jack, I am sorry to read this. Perhaps he didn't know how to properly roll around without injury. I hope he feels better soon. Mommy has a bad back and she can be a real B***h when its bad. I wish you luck Jack.Have you tried walking on his back?

    Loveys Sasha

  3. Poor tall guy. I bet he didn't warm up properly. I also bet you didn't bite you l ip on purpose. Hehe, you jowly dogs.
    ~Lickies, Ludo

  4. Jump on him while he's laying on the couch.. He'll really laugh!

    Bart and Ruby

  5. I think that Sasha has the right idea should try walking on his back...we are SURE this will help!!


  6. Maybe you should change his name from Tall Guy to Old Guy! BOL!
    Miss Mindy

  7. oh jack. such a sweet worried look.
    i know. call for the taco truck so
    you both can have a treat.
    just use your nose and press 911.
    "hello... taco truck? this is jack...
    listen... i need a dozen tacos delivered to..."
    you get the idea.
    love to you and my favorite hurting tall guy,
    tammy j

  8. Oh noes Jack we are so sorry TG has a achy breaky back.
    Mom gets those often so she knows how bad they can hurt.
    Hopefully TG has something to ease the pain so that he can heal.
    Madi and Mom

  9. Watching People's Court? Now, that's what I call painful!

  10. Awww, Jack - the sweet look on your face should help make the tall guy feel a little bit could also go and open the fridge and bring him a Pepsi, just like the dog does in the commercial (oh wait, that dog brings a BEER, not a Pepsi)......if he hasn't trained you to open the fridge yet, then you certainly can't be blamed for that! BOL.

    I hope the tall guy feels better soon, and that you are back to your daily walks in two shakes of a dog's tail.

    Your friend,

  11. I hope the tall guy feels better soon. In the meantime go and snuggle up.

  12. Jack, I hope TG's back is better really soon.
    I don't think you really want to walk 250 miles in that heat now!
    It is a very cute pic of you being concerned.
    A new dog park going in?! That sounds like lots of fun to look
    forward to! New smells, new friends and I hope it has shade!
    Cyber Belly Rubs to you, Jack

  13. Sorry the Tall Guy hurt his back rolling on the grass....I thought that was suppose to make it feel better....maybe he should try it again.... Love the concerned ( ha ha) look on your are good, my friend! Take good care of the Tall Guy....