Thursday, October 14, 2010

October 14, 2010

Answer Your Phone!

Does your peoples have a picture of you on their phone? This is what the tall guy sees every time he uses his phone.

I think it's pretty darn cool.

He says he has no idea how he got the picture of his phone screen but it just showed up the other day in his picture album (but now he does, because he just Googled it).

So go check your people's phone right now and make sure that your face is the first thing they see every time they need to call someone. It might remind them that it's been like 20 minutes since they gave you a cookie!


  1.'re a ham!! (A very handsome one though!)

  2. I'm sure he khan't take his i's off that phone now!


  3. Jack
    I bet you make the TG smile each and every time he looks at your smilin....face. :-)


  4. Of course I am on Momma's phone (and Master's too).


  5. Of course we r there - we made shure of it.
    Shiloh'n Shasta

  6. My face is on my mom's phone too! Dad refuses to upgrade his phone,(it is old, like him) so he can't have a picture of me on it...what is wrong with hims? ;)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  7. Ahhhhh Jack how nice that TG gets to look at your Labrahandsome face every day!!

    Mom says when you live with a cat, she is in your face 24/7/365 in person. I have know idea what she is talking about....


  8. We think our Momster needs to do that too - you look great on the TG's phone.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  9. Heck no I ain't...would you believes MY mum has a pikture of sissy instead???????????
    But, her recorded us barking and now it's da ringtone....bark...bark...bark


  10. Mom doesn't know how to do that and CityBoy and the male child have that "nasty" cat..!!

    sad wags....Max & Mia

  11. You are lucky, my friend! I just checked Beth's phone and she had a pic of Lake Superior on it....and I am not in the picture!

  12. Rama's phone is so old, it doesn't do that...
    She doesn't text, take photos, have APPs, nothing...just a plain old phone and she rarely knows where it is! (hard to imagine, huh?)

  13. Dog on phone....check
    Cookie in mouth.....check
    Crumbs on floor, Dad grumbling....check
    Time for a walk.


  14. Hiya Jack-long time no swapped woofs!

    I got a minute and wanted to know what's up in Jack's corner and whaddya know? Both my PUs have pics of me on their phones!

    I only wish Mom would put a handsome one of me instead of the one where a huge slobber is pasted across my whole nose. Oh well, it WAS one of my better slobbers.

    Carry on Jack!
    Chester ;0=)

  15. Hi Jack!

    It's not the turn of Wai-Pai and Wai-Max on Piappies Mom's phone. Fudgie and Princess were there prior to the Wai-Pups. She promises to have me, Mocha and Sugar next.

    She tried to have all of us at once but we didn't fit! BOL!

    You're so handsome in that wallpaper. Pawesome!

    Piappies Fudgie, Princess, Frappie, Mocha, Sugar, Wai-Pai & Wai-Max

  16. Woof! Woof! I don't have to worry about that. My photo pops out everytime mom's iphone rings ... different photo for every specific caller. How's that? Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  17. I think I'll call TG right now. What's his number Jack?

  18. You are one gorgeous looking fella Jack!


  19. Jack, the tall guy needs to have your snooter in his face alla' the time to remind him of how lucky he is to have you in his life.

  20. That's so nice that he has your pic on his phone. My mom's phone doesn't do that, but I'm on her computer monitor at mom says it makes her smile everytime she sees it and everyone else that passes by! Hopefully he will look at that when he goes to Salty Lake and remember to get you something!


  21. Awesome Picture on that Iphone! I have a picture of my doggies on my I-phone and it barks when home is calling!
    Gotta Love the Iphone!

  22. photo shows up everytime my person opens her phone and also when she turns on her computer. And when grandpaw brother Augie's big nose shows up on the phone as the incomming call photo. People sure are silly. BOL!

  23. Oh...we forgot to mention. Shiloh and Shasta sent us over to see what you're woofin at and we met them from the PBU friendly friday blog hop.

  24. hee hees!!!

    Mommy has us's on her phones and so 'dose Daddy!! Mommy will rotate pho-toes out and take turns... to 'da Josie horrors... Josie open 'da phone and saw IzZY's big head... butt Josie changes it's back...snorts!!

    Mommy does has a pho-toes of all three's of us's butt she likes big pho-toes of our faces too's...
    She also calls us's and has Daddy put phone up to our mouts so she can hears us snorts/talks!!


  25. we all haves to share the picture phone and mommish changes it every week to another one of ush

    pibble sugars
    the pittie pack

  26. Hi Jack. I share the home screen my mom's phone with my sisters.