Saturday, October 23, 2010

October 23, 2010

Well, it appears that a lot of us will not have to wait until October 31st to decide where we want to sleep!! Many of you evidently already get to sleep with your peoples in their beds and even get to sleep on the couch whenever you like.

But, there are still some of our puppren and kittren who do NOT get to sleep anywhere they like. Some of them are locked in JAIL (crate-training my Aunt Patootie) and some of them even have to sleep on the FLOOR! (It's one thing to sleep on the floor when you WANT to, but it's just wrong that your peoples have a big old almost empty comfortable pillow-top California King mattress and they still want you to sleep on the floor.)

So for those less fortunate ones, I've created this SAYDWP card which can be used any time you want. If your peoples come home and catch you on the bed, just hand them this card. They have to let you stay there because IT IS AN OFFICIAL CARD (see, it says official right on it!). If they want to sit on the couch while you're taking a nap, well what can they do? You have an OFFICIAL CARD! (Unless they offer you a treat, like a cookie. But then you have to make up your own mind. It might be an OFFICIAL CARD, but you're not gonna turn down a cookie are you?)

So, tonight, when your peoples are asleep on THEIR HUGE $45000 CALIFORNIA KING PILLOW TOP MATTRESS, print out this card and cut it out with the scissors.
If you're not allowed to use the scissors, then just bite off the parts that you don't need.


PS - If you already get to sleep wherever you want, you may want to print out the card and use it on these occasions: when you want to lie in the kitchen near the stove while your peoples are cooking, or when you want to go ride in the car and your peoples are trying to get to work and you're making them late, daggumit, or when you're enjoying a nice nap in the sun outside and your peoples want you to come in because it's time for their teevee show and if you don't come in now, you can just stay outside until the cows come home and you decide to stay outside and watch the cows, uh, come home. Cause you really like cows.


  1. This khomment is being pawed by my mom -

    I've told her what to paw -

    Khousin Harley is rignt next to her -

    That's pretty good fur a notevensixmonth old Golden pup!

    I warmed the khovers fur them - and then took my usual spot -

    Khousin Merdie is making sure no one attakhks from the foot of the bed -

    Khyra and The Golden Khousins

  2. Hey Jack - Shiloh'n Shasta here. What 'bout when we want tu sit RITE by mom while she iz eatin'at the kitchen table but she wantz us tu sit in the livin'room - an'we haf tu watch her eat. Duz it werk fer that so we cood sit where we want? An yea, we no 'bout sittin'in the sun but then mom wantz us tu come in, RITE NOW! Uzually no reezon iz given fer this IMMEDIATE comin'in.

  3. Well, TG, if you think Jack would like one I saw three more coats very similar to the one I just bought....but they were all a size large! (Might fit you.) Tootie says to thank Jack for the official card. I had to print it for her and she stuck it in the little teeny-weeny purse (vintage of course) I got her.

  4. That is most useful. I would like a case.


  5. THANK YOU Jack you are THE MAN!!!
    This card means I can sleep on my peeps Queen Size Sleep Number bed that costed at least 1 million Euros and it doesn't matter that I have claws that could potentially punture the air chambers...You are too good too us!!!
    MOL Madi

  6. Love it! Jack - you're making me smile. I look forward to my Daily Dose of Jack - now more than ever.

    Wendy (Abbey's Mom)

  7. Jack,

    OoH Tank youz fur dis SAYDWP card! As you know I am one of dose pups dat CANNOT sleeps on da bed, or couch, or gets da picture..*sigh* so I can sure use it! ;)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  8. We really can watch the cows come home. It is not quite as exciting on the eleventy -billionth time as you might think.

  9. My mom would just look at that card and roll her eyes and say, "I don't think so." I guess I'll just have to sleep in my own bed. Rowdy

  10. What a thoughtful guy you are to do this for all the doggie and kitties out there! (I agree about sleeping on the floor - everyone needs a mattress!)

  11. Well that's all well and good for the hooman mommy but what about a mean and ornery and mean little sister? What about when she steals YER cowch? Will this card work fer that?????

    (po piteeful) Bobo

  12. The Tall Guy doesn't let you sleep in the bed? We're... shocked!


  13. Now we need a card that lets us eat anything we want, even if it is on the counter.

    Mogley G. Retriever

  14. Jack-
    That is a pretty cool card. We are going to take one of those over to our place. You just never know when it might come in handy :)

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  15. Buddy has printed 1000 cards and is selling them at his boiled peanuts/pork rinds stand on the highway...Those leaf peepers will buy anything. :)

  16. Why thank you, Jack. This is awesome. I need some of those. Paige is trying to teach me to get off of the couches. This will come in handy!

  17. Thank you Jack! I can always count on you for something....and THIS a great something!

  18. Oh BTW Beth said the other day when you gave your description of the Young and Restless she wanted to know if you had watched it that day....that is EXACTLY what happened....

  19. Thanks for the card, Jack. I owned the couch for a long time ago. Today I like to sleep on the floor. But I'll keep the card for any eventuality.

  20. Hi, Jack!
    I will print it and I will use it for those special ocassions!
    Happy Saturday!
    Kisses and hugs

  21. That card sounds like a very good idea. But when I have to sleep on the floor my people actually give me my own pillow!! Yahoo! It feels so good!
    Hugs and wags, Mistaya

  22. Tanks Jack, I will use this card when I visit my cuzin Buddy. He always gets the big bed.
    Luv and kisses, Lady

  23. well, if it's official and stuff... we'll take two please.