Saturday, October 2, 2010

October 2, 2010


A little bit of agonizing, excruciating pain
does make some people crabby!

I only got to go on 3 walks today.

I'm gonna fade away to nothing!


  1. Is there someone woo khan bark to about this wrong?


  2. Jack, I think maybe you need to be a little sympathetic to the tall guy. The humans are so fragile and get so difficult when they have the littlest thing happen. What can we do?? We need them in good health to take care of us, so please just give him a little break for a day or 2. I am sure he will be better in no time. Maybe you could give him a dog biscuit, that always helps me.

    licks and sniffs, Sasha

  3. Oh my goodness! SO SO SORRY about the tall guy breaking his ribs. That is not fun and I really hope that he gets better soon!! I can't imagine the pain involved in breaking ribs!

    Don't worry, you won't fade away. For a whole week when my paws were all swollen and sore I didn't walk for a whole week! Yes! A whole week! And I am still alive, so I think you'll make it with 3 a day no problem!!


  4. Oh no pal! on over here...we'll do some big ball parkie times, ok?
    On the other hand...give the TG a hug, and he'll be better in no time! :)

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  5. Oh Jack,
    You will be alright. Afterall the TG does have to recover or else your walks every day will be shortened!! Just do some extra laps around the house!!


  6. Only three walks! You poor deprived Labradog!
    Your TG must have nothing better to do than address your efurry need!

    Let us know how tomorrow goes..... I havent been out since Tuesday!

  7. I just came over from Ms. ~K's blog and am sorry to hear that you're missing your 3 walks a day--It's too bad they just won't let you go by yourself, you'd come back, right?? :-)

  8. TG needs better drugs or maybe a wheelie chair or something. You are going to lose your mentals.


  9. You're lucky you got 3 walks! Are you kidding, Jack? You be nice to TG!!
    (now must read back to see what's up - this is what happens when i don't get out much)

  10. very patient with TG....healing is a slow process. We expect you were LUCKY to get 3 walks especially since it probably hurts TG to breath. I cannot imagine how it must feel to walk a puppy on a string even a very nice mannerable puppy like you. Was TG on a ladder when he fell?

    My Dad fell from a ladder cleaning the gutters many years ago because he didn't want to spend $45.00 to have someone else clean them. After that little soiree with the ladder, mom had to take him to the VET at the cost of $2,000.00!!!
    He is no longer our gutter boy!!!

    Tell TG we are thinking about him!!!!
    Madi and Mom

  11. Oh boy! I sure hope you never break three ribs Jack! I guarentee you would have a problem moving! Sorry buddy, I promise it will get better soon. AND DON'T HUG TG!

  12. Jack, settle down and be a better nurse, will you? TG, had no idea you really broke three ribs! I just thought Jack was being his usual crazy self in that other post! Good gravy, I can't believe you're even up outta bed, much less typing on the computer....well, really I guess that makes sense. you didn't break fingers....Hope you feel better soon.


  13. Jack,

    Take good care of TG...'kay? I am sending him puppy prayers and good thoughts fur a fast recovery too.

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  14. Jack, tell TG to put you on a plane to ATL...we'll be thrilled to puppy-sit until TG is feeling better...
    Of course, he'll have to come and get you!
    Gentle hugs for TG,
    ~K and the Pups

  15. Jack,
    I guess you need to cut da TG a little slack during this time.
    Da humans do not have nearly da tolerance for pain that a fine specimen of a labradude like you has........let's face it, humans are a little wimpy.....butt we loves em anyway!

    Hope you feeling a little betters, Tall Guy!!


  16. Maybe a day of doggy daycare is in order? Cabana doesn't like daycare so much, but maybe Jack will?

  17. 3 walks is pawesome. Be nice to your tall guy. This is a good time to catch up on your reading and take more naps!


  18. We hope your tall guy recovers quickly and you can resume your normally scheduled walking schedule!


  19. Does this make you Doctor Jack ? Bet with you around everything heals real quick !

  20. Hope the tall guy is better soon. Nice to find your blog. I'm a yellow lab too. At present, I'm nearly at the end of a month long regime of only 3 toilet walks a day and confinement to one room, to stop me running and jumping. I've had keyhole surgery for OCD (orthocondritus detritus), or something like that :) Nice to meet you! Oscar and Ros

  21. I'm sending healing vibes..those ribs will heal,sit,stay or whatever!

  22. That TG is clearly only thinking of himself. I wonder how long he's going to pull the "I broke my ribs" excuse?!

  23. PS I have a new LINKS section on my website, and you're there. Check it out!