Wednesday, May 11, 2011

May 11, 2011

I did not even want to go to
no old Tonio anyway!

The tall guy has gone off to somewhere called Tonio and he did not even take me with him.
He left me here at the house all by myself and I do not even know how to work the microwave!

And he thinks it's ok because I get to go to the dog hotel and play with the other dogs all day.  Well, mister, you got another think coming!!

Just wait 'til he gets home.

(And don't forget to send me your dog recipes!)


  1. Hey JAck
    Do you need me to send you some cookies while the TG is away?? You know~~what happens when the TG is away, stays here when the TG is away, or something like that, you get my drift?? BOL


  2. Oh Jack!! 'da Nerve!!
    Make sure yous order room service and call long distance and pay per views and prank call him on him cell phone and tell him 'da yous demand him to bring gifts back wits him-
    hee hee

    hope 'dat helps-

  3. Jack, come on over for a swim and a stick!!

    -Bart, Giz & Ruby

  4. Left you behind ? Surely not ! Who will provide the running commentary on the way to the airport ? Or provide inflight entertainment ?

  5. Oh Jack,
    Revenge is sweet as soon as TG returns tell him you have booked a flight to parts unknown and HE IS NOT INVITED either. In the meantime...enjoy your time at the Dog Place!!
    Hugs Madi

  6. Oh, Jack, I know you'll greet da master wit all kinds of hugs and kisses. Den you can pee on da floor. BOL

  7. Have a good trip, TG! I am planning to send you a recipe, sorry I'm not on the ball like Jack!

  8. Oh noes!!!!!! Poor Jack!!!!
    Whatever you do, make sure you do NOT have any fun, okay ? Make TG feel da guilt

  9. That's abuse! You need to hop on the next airplane to Minnesota and stay with me! What was he thinking?

  10. Oh da TG was not usin' his noggin.
    I knows how to use da microwave...and a grill. But, I ain't allowed to play withs matches...we could haves a party while he is away.


  11. If the Tall Guy does not bring back something good for you, pack up & move out!

  12. Come on over Jack, not that I know how to run the little silver box of smells either but I got lotsa sticks we can eat! And woods to run in, and squirrels and groundhogs to chase and a little stream to cool our paws in, and so on, and so on and so on.... just sayin' we could have MUCHO more fun than in Tonio with TG.

    Woofs and MUCHO slobbers,
    Chester ;0=)

  13. Aw Jack, that's just not on is it? Still, just think of all the lovely treats he's gonna bring back with him for you :-) Dex & Lou xxx

  14. Tootie will endure anything for cheese...have you tried that, Jack?

  15. Jack, there is a children's book entitled, "Howliday Inn" about a dog that goes to a hotel very much like the one you are visiting, only the one in the book is haunted. I wouldn't suggest you read it because you wouldn't be able to visit your hotel again without getting scared.

  16. Oh-oh!
    Have fun.... both of you!
    Kisses and hugs

  17. Unbelievable! What was he thinkin!
    Benny & Lily

  18. Grrr...bad bad tall guy!! He better bring back presents!


  19. Be sure to look pitiful when TG gets home....

  20. Jack, Angelo says escape and come play in beautiful southern Colorado... lots of rabbits to chase!

  21. What? You could have stayed here. It's on the way! Really.