Tuesday, May 3, 2011

May 3, 2011

Please, Tall Guy, I Want Some More

It's RECIPE time!

The tall guy says he's ready to start putting together the cookbook of recipes FOR and BY dogs (and feline puppies).  So here is what he needs for you to do.  Please read carefully or he will go crazy and then I will have to come and live with one of you!

1.  Please send your recipe(s) to jacksdad2011@gmail.com

2.  Please let him know if it is a REAL recipe for a pet or a recipe that your DOG wrote.
I know he should be able to tell, but if you ever tasted his cooking, you would understand where I'm coming from!  It would be cool if you have both a real recipe and a dog recipe, but either one is ok.  You can send as many recipes as you want, but please make sure they are yours.

3.  Please put the name of the dish at the beginning of the recipe.

4.  Please put the name YOU want to be listed by.  For example, the tall guy might put: Jack's Cookies by The Tall Guy.  (That is just an example, because if it is not a peanut butter sandwich or popcorn, he is not much in the cooking department.)  It can be your real name if you want it to be.

5.  If you want to include a picture of anything to go along with your recipe(s), please include that as well.  You can have a picture of what you cooked, a picture of your pet eating whatever it is you cooked, or just a picture of your car.  Just as long as it is a picture that you took and didn't get from the Internets.

The tall guy will take all the recipes and turn it into an ebook and put it on Amazon for sale.  ALL OF THE MONEY (except for the part that Amazon takes) will be donated to a worthy cause (be thinking of someone or some organization we can donate it to!).

You will still own your recipe.  You can do whatever you want with it. You can send it to your friends, send it to another cookbook, or even use it in your OWN cookbook.  By submitting the recipe, you are basically just saying that it's ok to put it in THIS cookbook.

The tall guy said he will send you an email to let you know that he got your recipe.  Once he has enough of them, he will let everyone know when the book is ready.  If you submit a recipe, he said he will send you a free copy of the ebook.  If you have any questions, please send him an email at jacksdad2011@gmail.com.



  1. Of khourse, khonsider yourself at home before this



  2. Jack - We'll get something to you later today.

  3. Sounds good, We will get on it and get it to you.


  4. Okey Dokey Artichokey! I'll go look fur one!


  5. Super duper, Jack, buddy. Of course I know you have an agenda. Most likely TG trying out all the recipes on you so that he is certain no steps were left out. Just send the leftovers to me.


  6. Morning Jack...you know good and well 2 Southern gals can't do anything without asking a few questions. MOL
    1. is there a deadline
    2. I, Madi, will eat anything that doesn't eat me first...so Mom doesn't have to cook special cat dishes for me. My theroy is if it is good enough for Mom is it good enough for me. That being said I love love love Mom's cornbbread. It is her own creation, in fact she'll have to measure the ingredients to write a recipe. Is it okey dokey for us to submit it?
    Respectfully submitted,

  7. Ok then.......we are getting it all together for you. Will send a bit later today!

  8. Done!! Our human did well, she said if she doesn't do it straight away she'll forget, she does have a terrible memory! Hope you get lots of yummy recipes to try out - Dex & Lou x

  9. Hhhmmmm....now where did I put my thinking cap again?

  10. We have many original recipes! I will be pee-mailing the Tall Guy very soon. Will he need pictures too?

  11. well i'm gonna buy this for sure. i have NO recipes for dogs. and unfortunately, i don't think Danskos as a main ingredient would make a good recipe....

    can't wait for this!

  12. What a fabulous idea! I wish I had a recipe to send, but I've been getting all of mine off of Sugar's site!


  13. The hu-dad makes a mean microwave popcorn, but sounds like you already have that covered.