Tuesday, October 20, 2009

October 20, 2009

You should try to learn something new every day!

Last night, I got to eat ICE CREAMS*!

You know, I think some of you peoples out there should have told me about this stuff a long time ago because I think the tall guy was just keeping all the ice creams* for himself!!

If you have a puppy, go to the place where you get the ice cubes and see if you have some ice creams*. If you do, you should share some with your puppy. I think a lot of puppies would like ice creams*.

Now I wonder what other good eating things the tall guy is hiding from me?

I would like all the puppies to let me know what good things I should have been eating all this time, but I did not know about. Especially if it tastes as good as ICE CREAMS!* I'll make up a list and present it to the tall guy at our next weekly meeting.

*Note from the tall guy: Actually it wasn't ice creams (or even ice cream) - it was Frosty Paws (Delicious AND Nutritious) frozen treats for dogs! But don't tell Jack. He just knows that he really really REALLY likes it. It was a treat for his one year-a-versary!


  1. CHICKEN.....tell him CHICKEN!!!!

    Grrrrs from Giz

  2. Maybe woo khan get him to make some more fur woo

    OR maybe woo khan get him to make woo a bonesikhle!

    I'm glad woo got something yummy fur such a great occasion!


  3. Happy Versary! I like ice creams too. Tell your Dad that pizza crust is good too and cheese.

    licks and sniffs, Sasha

  4. Jack, it's about time the tall guy shared the ice creams with you! The good thing about blogging is that you can read about all the things everyone feeds their dogs, then have ammunition to consult the humans on these foodables we haven't tried yet!

  5. Hey Jack,
    We ALL lovee Frosty Paws. Only one chain (Giant) of supermarket in fredericksburg carries them though. One round is three boxes minimum for the pack. Jubal likes the ice cubes.
    - TBH&K

  6. First time for ice cream? oh the humanity!!! have you had peanut butter in your kong? I also love boiled beef with rice, my favorite.

  7. Yogurt is good! Beth lets me have that for my noon lunch with a few Cheerios in it for fun! It looks like you REALLY like that treat though!

  8. Oh Ice Cream! No words, just slobber!

  9. I love frosty paws!!! I fav flavor is peanut butter, yummy!!! Enjoy!!

    lotsa licks,

  10. That sounds super yummy! All I ever get like that is ice cubes. I'm going to lodge a complaint.

  11. Ohhh yes! Mooses love ice creams! Momma used to give it to me all the time but frankly it has been awhile. She would giggle the whole time because I (and every other dog she has given it to) has gone crosseyed while eating it! Another one of my favorite things are Merrick Lamb fillet: http://www.merrickpetcare.com/store/treats_detail.php?c=25&s=60014
    of course momma breaks them up into ridiculously tiny pieces for when school is in session so I have to work really hard to get them but they are most yummers so it is worth it!

  12. Hi Jack,
    I've missed checking in with you. I'm back and so are the peeps. Mom posted today about the animals she saw and the food they ate today. What a day for me to return on the day you are eating frosty paws...boy that sounds delicious. Ummmm I don't know much about dog treats but I do know that my friend Yogi, the Corgi, loves string CHEESE!!! You might want to add that to your list of things to 'discuss' with TG.
    Take care Madi and Mom

  13. You're so lucky you got to eat Frosty Paws, oops, I mean ice creams. :-)