Tuesday, October 27, 2009

October 27, 2009

This is the one that gets me in trouble!

After I did my puppy park puppy rules the other day, some of the puppies asked me why I didn't put up some rules for peoples. After all, the peoples are the ones who do most of the reading! So, I asked the tall guy to help me come up with some things to talk about with the peoples who go to the puppy park! The tall guy said something about 'preaching to the choir' and I said not to drag religion into this or we would REALLY get into trouble and he said that's not what that meant and I said well what DO you mean and he said it meant that he knows that all the people who read my blog are very good parents so we don't need to explain things to them and then I said well why didn't you just say that in the first place? Needless to say (once again), I don't think I'll be getting any extra cookies today!

So here are some of the things that stick in my craw (along with appropriate commentary by the tall guy, who I love very very much! Now maybe I'll get some extra cookies!!)

Rules for the Peoples at the Puppy Park
TG: At our puppy park, some people bring really young/small children into the puppy play area. When that happens, Jack and I leave. I'm always scared that one of the children is going to get jumped on/knocked down/chased. Puppies can run VERY fast sometimes and don't always look where they are running!
Jack: I always look where I am running - it's just that sometimes my brakes don't work too well!

TG: Some people must never get to talk on the phone until they get to the puppy park. They must be hiding something! :)
Jack: I always listen to the conversations in case I am called on to be a witness at the divorce trial!

TG: Evidently, puppy parks are a powerful natural laxative.
Jack: It's always best to go as far away from your person as possible when you have to go potty. That way they will get a lot of exercise when they come to clean it up!

TG: Far away - like outside the fence. Or maybe in your car going home.
Jack: If your puppy is sitting on me and I can not get up, you might want to tell him that I can't run around with a puppy sitting on me. If your puppy has hold of my ear (or any other part of me) and won't let go, it makes it much harder to run as well.

TG: Please ask your vet if running around at the puppy park is prescribed for a puppy with a really bad stomach virus or hacking cough. If he or she says yes, please find another vet.
Jack: And if your puppy has a hacking cough, please remind them that smoking is not good for puppies. Or peoples.
TG: I don't think many puppies smoke.
Jack: Oh, you'd be surprised at what all goes on behind the trash cans at the puppy park!

TG: OOPS! I did this one. Jack and I were working on having him come when I whistled. I would reward him with a treat when he responded. For some reason, puppies within a 20 mile range know when you have a treat. So I was being nice (I thought) and gave someone else's puppy one of Jack's treats. The puppy's mom was very nice, but asked me not to give the puppy anything as he was on a restricted diet. So I learned my lesson.
Jack: Besides, I always come when you whistle. It just might take me a bit longer than you like. And it may not be in a direct line. Or talk to some of the other puppies. And I may have to go get some water first. BUT, I will get there eventually!

So there you have some of my puppy park pet peeves. (Maybe that should be PEOPLE PEEVES! LOL!!)
See you next time at the park!


  1. You 2 are a riot, but these rules should be posted at every dog park!

    Tank (and a member of the choir)

  2. Good rules! I agree with them all!
    When we first got Darwin I always thought it was odd that people would ask first if it was ok to give her a treat, and now Im the one always asking people if its ok to give their dogs treats.
    And you know how I feel about kids at the dog park! :)

  3. Awesome rules Jack (and TG)!!


  4. Yes! Great lay out, commentary and RULES!
    Did you decide on a Halloween costume Jack?

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  5. Excellant job on the rules. We don't have a doggy park around here, I wish we did. If there was one, I would follow Jack's rules.

    licks and sniffs, Sasha

  6. Jack,
    Mom and I commend you for your very kind, well worded and explicit Puppy Park Rules. Post them!!!
    I don't know much about puppy parks but Mom told me it is kind of like a kiddie park for children...and unfortunately THEY NEED THE SAME RULES POSTED at Kiddie Parks...just substitute child for puppy!!! Good JOB and funny too!!!
    Madi and Mom

  7. Very good rules! I loved the one about the cell phones, very funny! Have a pawesome day!

  8. You should be the boss of the puppy park. You have VERY good rules and everyone should follow them!

  9. Our momma thinks that you sure did a great job! We are getting a new dog park in our neck of the woods and just might take a couple of your ideas, if you don't mind.

    The one about the sick doggies and little kids really caught our momma's eyeballs☺

  10. Pawsomely great post! We loved it and the way you presented the rules and the commentary between you both!!!!
    We agree they should be posted.
    Ernie & Sasha

  11. what a great post!! you 2 are the best!!
    lot´s of licks

  12. Furry excellent rules!

    But yes, preaching to the khhoir but good fur the soul to share!

    PeeEssWoo: I don't know about all Goldens but it certainly does look as if their breed standard khalls for greying faces as they age!

  13. Bravo Jack and TG!(Yes your puppy did that...was my favorite).

  14. Amen to that brother except about asking my momma before I get treats, of course I do! Oh, momma actually agrees with that one too AND understands when newbies don't realize because she did not used to understand either!
    Here is something for the 'please do' list: please do bring your people food into the park and try to eat it at one of the picnic tables. Oh, apparently momma does not like that because the people act surprised and annoyed when they are circled by doggies who sometimes start bickering while begging. I dunno, anything that brings me closer to people food is a good thing!
    p.s. My brakes never seem to work there either!

  15. I totally agree with your rules--unfortunately, YOU CAN'T FIX STUPID. What about the ones who bring aggressive dogs to the park? Um, if your dog is nasty and has problems with other dogs, STAY HOME. Someone really ought to make me the dog park police ;-)

  16. I love, love this blog! Keep it up. It is absolutely refreshing and very entertaining!