Friday, October 9, 2009

October 9, 2009

With 200% more DOG!

As you may be able to tell, I really like going to the puppy park. I don't get to go every day since it is so far away (the tall guy said it's about 25 minutes away - that's almost like FOREVER in puppy time!) He said this picture reminded him of the old-timey movies that were shot in CINEMASCOPE with a really wide screen. He said you should be thankful it's not in SMELL-O-VISION (as some of the puppies evidently do not use any deodorant!). Here you can see a bunch of the puppies who were at the park that day. That's me, way in the back. I'm chasing this guy:

He was really fun. I had never seen a puppy like him before.

And here I am, trying to look my best while doing my patented
sit, smile, back leg out to one side pose.
However, I don't quite have the mad modeling skillz that this lady does!

Note from the tall guy:
And for those of you who like really BIG dogs,
HERE's an interesting story.
(You may need to click on the circle at the bottom to start the pictures.)


  1. Morning Jack and TG
    Excellent post full of great pictures and information. Jack you have some very nice and interesting looking friends. As far as Madi and I are concerned you are much better looking than 'this lady'!!!
    Mom enjoyed the big dog link. Oh my word and here we thought Remington was big...but he is still growing he is only 9 mos. old.
    TGIF Madi and Mom

  2. Beth saw Boomer's picture in the Fargo Forum. We thought HE was big! Mike and Beth really like big dogs! That Great Dane is BIG!!!! I wonder if I'll get that big? Hope not, I won't fit in the van!
    I wish I lived closer and I could come to the dog park with you. We would REALLY show the other dogs how to run and play!

  3. Hi Jack and TG, my dogpark is about a half hour away too, so I don't get to go as often as I'd like either. :-(

    Cool post, mom says she likes the shoes. Whatever dat means.


  4. Great post! What fantastic dog park and nice friends you have!
    Happy weekend!


  5. Jack, it looks so fun to run at the dog park. I wish we had one here. You look very handsome in the last picture.

    licks and sniffs, Sasha

  6. What a great time in the far away dog park...I think my Mama needs to take ME to a dog park...


  7. I saw a picture of Boomer yesterday... yikes!

    My (former) assistant says she had forgotten all about Spuds MacKenzie until she saw your link. She says thanks for the flashback.

    Speaking of flashbacks, I do know what pothead refers to and whatever rumors you may have heard about me are completely untrue. I have never inhaled. I can't vouch for my (former) assistant however. Nothing would surprise me about her. We don't think the Potheads at the Arboretum are stoned, but then having the munchies all the time would cause you to put on weight, so who knows? They're a very mellow bunch.

  8. Looks like you had a ball at the dog park.

    Your new pal,

  9. Those are some very big dogs!!!! Jack that looks like a fun puppy park. Thanks for visiting us. Mom had always pretty much had dogs (before us) that were varmint hunters or sight hounds. She didn't trust them off leash. Then when she got us,it took her awhile to trust us --- now she does BUT she keeps a close watch on us anyway.
    Have a fun weekend Jack.
    Ernie & Sasha

  10. You are lucky to go to the park so much, Our park is about 25min away too an momma won't take me because she says I can't stay long because of my knee so we would drive almost an hour to play for like 15min. She don't seem to realize that getting there is half the fun though!
    Nice story about the big dogs! That George has a bumpkin on his head like me. Pretty Handsome fella but nothing like you, Parker, Dexter, and I!