Saturday, October 3, 2009

October 3, 2009

Some Puppy Sleeping Tips
from Jack

Here are some of my best sleeping tips for all the young puppies out there:

1) Sleep on the GOOD couch! If it's leather, that's even better. Trust me, if it's good enough for your peoples, it's where you want to be. And look in between the cushions - that's where they drop all the food!

2) If they try to put a cover on the couch, so you can't feel the soft, luxurious, expensive leather, chew ON THE COVER. They will eventually get so tired of having a chewed cover, they will take it off so you can sleep on the comfy leather.

3) BUT, do not poke holes in the leather with your toenails. They will get really upset if you do that and make you sleep on the floor!

4) Keep one ear over the arm of the couch so you can hear if your peoples are going to the refrigerator to get something to eat. Even if you're in a really deep sleep, train yourself to hear when the fridge door is being opened. Then make them give you something. If they are eating, you need to be eating too. Even if you're not hungry! And none of that one Cheerio at a time thing either. You need a grilled cheese sandwich as much as they do!


5) When you are sleeping on the couch, make sure you stretch out as much as possible. For some reason, the peoples think they should be able to sit on the couch and watch tv when you are trying to sleep. How would they like it if YOU sat on their bed and ate cookies while they were trying to sleep? Not very much, I must say!

Next week: Best places to lie in the kitchen when your peoples are trying to cook!


  1. I always look forward to your posts. Jack should write a book! Seriously.

  2. Great tips...I love leather too..and hate when Mom tells me to move.

    I will use some of these tips this weekend Jack.

    Tail wags..I am off to bed.

    Olive :)

  3. Oh jack, Great tips! If the couch or bed is covered you can usually find a spot to rest your drooly beak that is just off the cover too. I mean you don't want to drool all over where you are going to be sleeping! I also like to sleep right in front of the fridge so that Momma can't sneak in there while I am sleeping. She says it is obstructive while she is cooking but you have to admit it is convenient!

  4. I'm looking forward to kitchen tips. Sometimes Mom says bad words at me!

    Grrrrrs from Gizzy.

  5. Why would a man have a knife out? You'd have to know the area and the amount of alcoholism and the fact that most of the youth have dropped out of high school. What you and I would consider to be really ugly behavior, that area demographic considers to be humorous.

  6. hahah. love these tips! Darwin is not allowed on the furniture, but we do keep it covered to prevent her drool from getting everywhere. And she has managed to rip a small hole in the cover.

  7. Tip #4 is truly great advice. Thanks Jack!

  8. Hi Jack those are great tips. I think I just might adopt all of them for use in my world....
    Mom and Dad want a leather couch but they say kitty claws and leather couches should never be in the same house. That is a very nice couch though it matches your fur.
    Madi and Mom

  9. Great advice Jack..I try my best to follow all of your advice...This will be no acception!


  10. Some really good tips here, Jack. Thanks!