Monday, December 14, 2009

December 14, 2009

The One Where
I Share One of
My Top Modeling Secrets!

Just look at me!
Wouldn't you love to see this picture on ALL of your holiday/credit cards?
How did I learn to pose so well?
Did I graduate from the Premier Puppy Place for Perfect Poses?

No, it's just FOOD, of course!
For one small piece of food, I'd sit still until the cows came home!
I'm not looking at the tree.
I'm trying to figure out how high I would have to jump
to grab the food out of his hand!
Forget that tree business, give me something to eat!!

So there you have it.
If you want your Puppy to Pose for Perfect Pictures,
I'd suggest steak!
And not that stuff you get at the cheap grocery store.
I'm talking at LEAST Kobe, medium well!

PS - You didn't think I was going to show you what was in the box YET did you? :)


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  2. Sorry, I had a grammatical error...

    Take 2:
    Our Mom does tricks for food too-(especially chocolate) teeheehee!
    We knew you would keep us in suspense as long as possible, you're such a tease!
    Hugs and belly rubs,
    Zack, Sassy and Buddy

  3. Whoa! TG took down the baby gate and let you in the tree room? What a privilege! That is an awesome photo though. I don't care what secrets are involved, it is just plain handsome! I did actually think I would get to see what was in the box today... I guess I am gullible that way ;-)

  4. Oh yes, of course, the old food trick!! It works all the time for a great pose but you gotta be quick with the camera.


  5. For Kobe we might pose. For standard fare, we will just hang out and act bored. Gotta make the humans work for it.

  6. Wow, a lab who is leaving the tree alone? That doesn't seem quite right! LOL (And where's your drool??)

  7. Hi Jack,
    YOUR tree is very pretty. So how do you like it?
    Has TG changed you name to No Jack?
    I do declare you have one fine looking profile!!!
    No double chin, perfect alignment of your head and shoulders. I expect to see you on Dog Fancy very soon!!! Does TG ever play piano concerts for you? TG is a big tease over your gift!!!
    Madi and Mom

  8. Oh, so that's how it works. I sit and then get up and walk over to the person holding the treat. I guess that's why my people keep saying "Stay" and walking backwards. One day I'll figure out all this stuff.


  9. Jack,
    I am with you. The food trick works every time for me too, gee...GMTA!!!


  10. That first picture is "card worthy". Perfect!

  11. Great picture by the tree Jack! Im surprised the tall guy was willing to tempt you with food by the tree! What if you jumped to get it and landed on the tree instead!?

  12. Jack...thanks I need the tips. I usually just jump real fast and grab the food..then mom gets a shot of me all blurred out..BOL.

    I will keep trying..wish me luck!



  13. What an awesome picture, but then again Jack - you are always THIS handsome - the tree just adds to it!

  14. Hi Jack and TG,
    Thank you for your comments. We are thrilled that you liked the post and you LOL. You have made us LOL many times so we are glad to return the favor. It was fun putting together and Madi was very good during the photo session. This gift exchange has been such fun!!! Yep that is one big mouse!!! Madi's Dad and I have never seen one that big.
    The catnip goes in a pouch in the mouse's tummy.
    the opening is about 1" and is sealed with velcro. I'll have to keep a watch on the opening I might eventually have to stitch it.

    Madi and Mom

  15. Jack, you nailed it right on the head - FOOD, GLORIOUS FOOD! The great motivator of all time for dogs and for mankind!

  16. You are a supermodel Jack! I am pretty sure the Tall Guy has inadvertently discovered how they do it with the skinny pretty lady models too. Hold up a slice of pepperoni pizza behind the camera to capture the look of longing? Makes perfect sense to me.

  17. I would suggest a fresh crispy CHEETO!! I will do almost anything for Cheetos! glad I know what's in the box...I am much more curious about your Christmas Day Pressie from the TG Jack...I am hoping you get a KITTY!!!

    Smiley Giggles!

  18. Did someone say steak? What a beautiful tree you and your family have. And mommy likes the grand piano. :-)

    Happy Holidays!

    -Euri, the Dog-