Wednesday, December 23, 2009

December 23, 2009

Christmases presents
aren't easy!

I kinda sorta forgot that I needed to get the tall guy a present for Christmases. He's been pretty good this year, and he did take me up to the snow and let me run around without my string, so I think I need to get him something.

Unfortunately, I did not save any allowance this year, primarily because I don't GET any allowance, so I can't go to the store and buy him something. Besides, the only store I get to go into is the pet store and I don't think they have a tall guy section there.

I found this rock at the puppy park and it's a pretty nice one. I wonder if he would like it for Christmases.

What are YOU getting your peoples for Christmases?


  1. I love rocks, even found a heart shaped one at the Grand Canyon this year. I'm sure TG will love it...You could personalize the rock w/ a muddy paw print.
    Remember, it's the thought that counts...(especially since you're broke).
    My mother always told me all she ever wanted was my love, (sweet sentiment, but very difficult to wrap)...That's all I want from my pups, and I'm sure that's all I'll get, as they are broke, as well!
    Hugs and belly rubs for you Jack! (and TG if he needs one)

  2. My present?

    I'm going to keep them around!

    AND give them sufficient stuff to blog about!


  3. My present could be NOT to take food from the kids...but seeing how it is Christmas dinner and they do drop, that is too big of a thing to give up, so....I think I will let her put those dumb blinking antlers/ or the santa suit and hat for like maybe 3 pics. Sounds like a plan to me!!! I like you... am broke!!


  4. Dear jack

    I'm certain TG would absolutely love that rock especially as you picked it out just for him. You can give him a big sloppy kiss too and he is sure to love it!! Hope you and TG have a lovely Christmas. Ben sends you a big Aussie Woof!!

    Chrissie and Ben :)

  5. Oops!! Sorry Jack, I did mean to write your name with a capital 'J'


  6. Hi are a young pup but you will soon learn that you give TG a present every morning of the year by giving him all your unconditional love looking at him with those beautiful eyes and wagging that might tail but he will like the rock because you picked it out!!

    As for Madi who knows what she'll come up with but as long as she give me her signature good morning each day I'm good. As soon as she sees me her tail sticks straight up in the air (and she has a long tail) with a little curve on the tip then she meows. This has happened every morning for 7 years.
    Merry Christmas Jack and TG and thanks for all the smiles.
    Madi and Mom

  7. I am going to give Mike and Beth a BIG hug and kiss and tell them I love them more than anything....I think they will like that!

  8. hi Jack! :D
    sorry we haven´t posted any comments lately... anyway we read your blog everyday (yes, don´t tell the others, but your blog is one of our favorite! )

    just wanted to wish you and the TG a happy holiday!
    licks pu

  9. Well I heard Mom say just this morning, while I was cuddling with her (this is a trick) stay real close to TG. Anyways, she said and I quote "I don't need any presents from Santa, I have you Parker" took a note of that. I will of course give all my peoples in my life big kisses and cuddles...I am sure TG will appreciate whatever you give him.

  10. Darwin got her dad a great mug that says "real men love great danes"

  11. We are gonna give our momma lots and lots and lots of kisses and tail wags and cuddles and we PURRomise that we won't steal food from her plate - mostly☺

  12. We share out fluff, smells, and mere presence with them every day. What more could they want?

  13. Uh oh...I better get with Bilbo and think of something...Thanks for the heads up Jack!


  14. All I need from my dogs is unconditional love and funny things to blog about. All I need from hubby is shiny baubles and Dooney & Bourke purses... See? It works out well ;-)