Friday, December 18, 2009

December 18, 2009

Who is this
Santa Paws
I keep hearing about?

And why is that dog trying to jump on that cow?

PS - Very top secret to all my puppy pals.
Do not tell the tall guy, but I looked inside one of
the boxes near the Christmas 'tree' when he
was taking my picture and I think I saw
a brand new BALL in there.
So now I'm just trying to figure out a way
to get back in there and confirm my sighting!


  1. Yes. I would like to know. Why IS that dog trying to jump on that cow?

  2. He seems to be evFURRYwhere!

    Good lukhk with the new ball thing!


  3. Jack
    YOu better stay out of the boxes. If the TG finds out, he may take it back and if Santa Paws finds out you will be in worse trouble. He sends coal to you instead. So you have 1 more week to stay outta trouble!!


  4. Oh yes... Santa frowns on present peeking. Remember he knows when you've been bad or good so be good for goodness sake!

  5. Jack if I were there with you I'd be happy to jump over your fence to check out the package for you. Yep that is right I can leap over tall gates without even blinking an eye. I'm told the Milky-Way the cat before me could open doors. I haven't learned that trick. He would stand on his hind legs, wrap his front paws around a door knob turn it and there he was in the forbidden room.
    Sounds like a lot of work to me.

  6. Good job on the "sneak-peak". I saw Mom put a gift bag on TOP of the armoire - now the only thing I can figure is that it MUST be for me - and she doesn't want me to know. I say go back and grab that ball!

  7. I knew you were a peeping Tom (er, Jack)!

  8. Just make sure that you put the package pack JUST THE WAY YOU FOUND IT JACK....those hoomans have a sixth sense about whether or not the package has been peeked at....

    That cow looks like he is a trouble maker...the dog is most likely just protecting you and the TG from a Moo attack!!


  9. Hey Jack:
    It was great seeing you an TG at the park last week. When are you coming back? There have been lots of cute puppies there this week, nub NOPNE are as handsome as you!!!!

    Please come back soon

  10. Santa Paws? Ruh-roh, we thought it was Santa Claws.

  11. Oh Jack, I hope that is really a ball fur you, and not one of those deals where they put something like a tie in a playstation box, BOL!


  12. Hi TG
    Yes chocolate is a NO NO for cats.
    But they certainly are pretty. Madi's dad is 'thinking' about diving into the box tonight.
    Madi and Mom

  13. I am sure you are going to enjoy that "present" that we are not going to tell the tall guy that you have seen it!

  14. Sometimes you gotta snoop. What if there was something dangerous inside? You were just protecting the TG.

  15. Be sneaky and go for it when TG nods off in front of the TV ;-)

  16. My Mom won't put ANY gifts under the tree because she knows that I will try to get into them all....I won't tell TG but wow a new ball is fun stuff!!!