Wednesday, December 9, 2009

December 9, 2009

The One Where
I talk to
the tall guy
(Part 2 of 2)

Would you like to read more of my interview
with the tall guy?
You would?

Me: Ok, I'm back, let's continue. I noticed you put up a tree in the room I'm not allowed to go into. What's that all about?
TG: It's a Christmas tree. You put it up and then you decorate it and then you put presents all around it. The more presents you get means the more that people love you!
Me: Uh, I don't see any presents for me under the tree.
TG: Exactly!
Me: Ha-ha. You're a riot. I thought you were supposed to decorate the tree, and put lights and balls on it.
TG: Well, it's a NEUTERED tree.
Me: That's not EVEN funny.
TG: Actually, you and I are going to decorate it this week. I just have to get all the ornaments down from the attic.
Me: And then you'll put all my presents under the tree?
TG: ALL? Maybe 1.
Me: Just 1? Well I hope it's a 27" iMac quad-core i7 with 8GB of memory and a 2TB hard drive!
TG: I was thinking more like a carrot.
Me: I think that's spelled 'CARAT' and it had better be at least 5 of them in a platinum setting!
TG: You've been watching too many jewelry store commercials! But I do know that Santa is bringing you something really cool!
Me: Property? Stocks? A new car*?
TG: You'll find out soon enough.
Me: How soon is soon enough?
TG: A couple of weeks.
Me: How long is that?
TG: Hmmm, that's like 28 meals.
Me: Can I have them all now?
TG: I think this interview has gotten off track.
Me: (thinking.... 28 meals divided by 2 meals a day is A LOT OF DAYS!)
Huh? Oh, the interview, yes. Well, that's all we have time for today. Tune in next time for...
TG: There's not going to be a next time. You DO watch too much tv.
Me: I'm not the one with only 4% of recording space left on his DVR.
TG: Are we done?
Me: Can I have a cookie if we're done?
TG: Sure.
Me: We're done!

(*Note from the tall guy: Jack is a better guesser than he knows! But YOU'LL have to wait until Christmas to find out what I mean!)


  1. GREAT interview Jack, You and Dory should team up. Hope you get what you want for Christmas!!


  2. Oh Jack I know I know!!! I'm excited!!!
    All I can say is you need to be extra nice and well mannered these next few weeks.

    GREAT interview and questions. I bet your local newscasters are getting pretty nervous now that you are on the airwaves.
    Madi and Mom

  3. That's probably one of the better interviews I've read lately. Jack should have his own show.


  4. Hey JackDaddy,
    Nothing like "anticipation"!!!

    Thank you for your comment on!
    Grant gets the photo credit this time, I was busy yakking with Mom in the truck. She can't walk around too much, so we had a gab fest.

    I'm glad you like the pics. We're on "Christmas Hiatus" as the TV stars say! LOL


  5. Poor Jack. Don't feel bad, there's nothing under the tree (yet) for Augie and Ti. But I distinctly heard them asking for shiny baubles made with diamonds, so I'll have to tell T.D. (Their Daddy)all about it. Wouldn't want to disappoint the boys, after all. I am very thoughtful, yes. ;-)

  6. Jack that was awesome! You tell TG that SANTA delivers gifts too he comes and puts stuff in your stocking. Check out my blog today we decorated!

  7. I think you should make this a weekly installment... so fun to read!

  8. Hi Jack!!! Ok my tree has noooooo pressies under it, wth?!?!? It better be because it's too big to fit under there!!!! Great interview!!

    lotsa licks,

  9. That was the BEST interview EVER!!!!

  10. Are you going to interview guests every week? This could be really entertaining!

  11. That was good! Are you giving someone a diamond??

  12. We don't even have a "neutered" tree this year...
    Mom's playing Scrooge!
    But we did see some presents, so who needs an inside tree? We've got 29 acres of trees!

  13. Wow Jack, very good interview wrap up skills!!!

    I think it is great that TG left all the Mama's and Daddy's hangin'!!


  14. Jack, you and TG are a riot!!! We luv you guys!


  15. Can't wait to see what the Tall Guy has in store for you Jack :)

  16. Jack gets an imac?!
    heheh great interview!

  17. Can't wait to see what you get for Christmas, Jack! Great post, we had a wonderful laugh!


  18. I think you had him there. You nearly got a crisp mas present confession. Keep working on him!