Sunday, July 18, 2010

July 18, 2010

Some Random Thoughts
by Jack

(with help from the Tall Guy)

Some puppies do not look good wet.
Labradors, on the other hand,
look fantastically amazing when they are wet.

It takes a saguaro cactus about 75 years
before it develops 'arms'.

When it starts to develop legs and feet,
then we should worry.

The tall guy would like some help if you can.
Can you identify these birds?
(And no, neither one of them is named 'Fred')
These were out at the local park.

Why does this bird have that one yellow feather?

He doesn't know what this one is either,
but he likes the red cap on its head.

Thank you
and have a great Sunday.
Eat lots of pie!


  1. If the saguaro catus ever grows legs, it will come kick our collective human asses for abusing it for 200 years. And I can't say I would blame it.

    Don't know about those birds, but personally I think the road runner is the most magnificent bird I have ever seen. Its my Arizona thing.

  2. Is eating lots of pie a command? Because I will make that sacrifice if I must ;-)

    I think the first bird is a Lone Yellow Feather Warbler, and the second is a Red Capped Robin. Really. Go look it up!

  3. Yes. Fantasically AH Mazing when wet. And so darn cute too!

  4. Do you have pie ? We have the Tour de France. Wilf would like to swap.

  5. Morning Jack,
    You most certainly do look very dashing wet or dry!!! We don't 100% recognize the beautiful birds. Mom THINKS the red one could be in the Tanger family and the one with the yellow feathers could be a type of Warbler...
    Raider's mom and dad are bird experts; however, they are currently out of WiFi range so they might not check in with you,
    Madi and Mom

  6. You hit the nail on the head with Labs looking handsome when wet. I don't believe there is any other breed that looks so natural and dashing after a swim!

  7. I sure agree with you Jack, about looking good when wet! Billy looks like a drowned rat when he is wet. lol I know very little about birds, but those sure are pretty.

  8. Pretty Augie and Ti's Mom's guesses!

    We haven't been wet all summer and we're not happy about it one bit at all!

  9. Good day to you Jack! The birds.. first one is Longneckpointynose and the second one is Funkyredhair..BOL! I have no clue...

    Licks from a dry dog...


  10. Hi JAck,
    Yep you do look good. Actually you look good in everything that you do. As for the birds, my mom is American Indian and she says the first one is called Flying Yellow Feather and the second one is Little Red Cap.


  11. My hooman would like to help but she only understands about cows, horses, sheeps and dogs!
    But those are some beautiful birdies!!!

    Rufus (and Indie)

  12. Hi Jack. You look good wet. Those are beautiful birdies!

  13. Ok so that first birdy is like the one armed man from the fugitive, it's a 'one teeny weeny yellow feathery lookin mutant armed birdy'.

    The other one is a 'red bellied red hatted wot looks like a helmet birdasaurus'.

    Yer Welcome!

    Bobo and Meja

  14. Jack ALWAYS looks fantastically amazing!

  15. Jacks are KHWITE furry special!

    Mom says today's puppy was no exception!

    PeeEssWoo: Are woo trying to see ME all wet and wild?

  16. Hi, Jack!
    You are so right! You look soooo cute!
    And for the questions... I have no idea!
    Happy Sunday!
    Kisses and hugs

  17. Well, I haves no idea what those birdies are cuz they still bes alive...I likes da dead kind...deboned and skinless.


  18. I think you are right about Labs looking good wet. For some reason when I come out of the pond I have very skinny legs and not much butt anymore!! But I sure love water!! Of course here in Montana it gets so hot most dogs don't care what they look like when we have the opportunity to get wet! Hugs and wags, Mistaya

  19. You are ever so handsome after you go for a swim Jack!!

    Smileys & Snuggles!
    Dory, Bilbo and Jacob

  20. I agree !
    Corgis look a bit miserable when they are wet, but labradors are just beautiful, all wet !!!

    Beautiful birds'd like to see in true these birds !

  21. You are a most handsome wet dog Jack! I believe the first bird is called a canary and the second bird is called a mallard. (just joshin - I don't know my birds either).

  22. Yes, Jack looks so handsome dripping wet. Tootie, on the other hand....hmmm, let's just say the little rat isn't fond of her bubble baths. Regarding the chocolate mint and where I got it: We have a wonderful nursery that is locally owned and has an exceptional herb area. They also carry a wide variety of the scented geraniums., pineapple and chocolate being my favorites.


  23. You were pretty right, Jack. Those WERE random thoughts! And I can't help on the birdies. Sorry. Maybe one of 'em is a Mayzie bird!

    Wiggles & Wags, Mayzie