Tuesday, May 12, 2009

May 12, 2009

Look, look.

Oh, see.
See Jack run!
Run, Jack, run.
Oh, Jack.
Oh, oh, oh.
Funny, funny Jack.


  1. Freedom! With the wind in your face! (You remind me Rufus)

  2. Wow Jack we see you growing into such a handsome boy in front of our eyes : )

  3. After teaching first grade for 27 years, I know that rhetoric well...It's amazing how many one word sentences you can come up with using "look, see, run, come".

  4. Jack is more fun than spot by a mile!

  5. hehehe
    run run run
    fun fun fun

    hugs and kisses from kikos world

  6. You are getting so big jack! The kibble you saw on our blog is called 'Barking at the Moon' which is one of the grain free kibbles on the market. We only got it once then switched back to Wellness Core which is also grain free but has bigger pieces which is better for my moose! He was swallowing the other stuff whole because the pieces were so small!

  7. Jack, you're way more entertaining than Spot ever was!