Wednesday, November 26, 2008

November 26, 2008

Our morning DRAG... er... walk.
If you try to talk to me (the tall guy, not Jack) during our morning walk, make sure you ask me questions that can only be answered with the following:
"Drop it." (Use this one a lot!)
as these are evidently the only words I know while we are out on our first walk.

Who knew there were so many things to see, smell, taste and chew in the world. Who also knew that glass* is one of those amazing things that we need to chew. We want to thank the neighbors for having broken glass all around their yard and not cleaning it up!

Yes, we are going to go to 'school' but we are waiting until we get all our doggy 'vacations' first.

* Who would put a question like this online? It would be like me posting: 'The pot of grease on my stove just burst into flames? What should I do? I eagerly await your response!'

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