Thursday, September 30, 2010

September 30, 2010

Do any of you have this problem?

Sometimes my ears look A-OK!!


Then sometimes, they look like this:

I think I need a Bump-It!!

And then sometimes:

I don't know WHAT'S going on here!!

(From the TG: Actually, that last picture
was caught during the middle of a bark.
So that's why the ears are just flopping
around everywhere!)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

September 29. 2010

Brought to you by
PAWdermilk Dog Biscuits

They give shy puppies the strength
to get up and do what needs to be done.

On the other hand,
if you want me to get out of this car,
you're gonna have to give me something
better than a biscuit.

I want cash!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

September 28, 2010

It's been a quiet week here
in Lake WoebeJack.

I think I'll take a nice nap.
Please wake me up if you would
like to play.

Monday, September 27, 2010

September 27, 2010

Do we HAVE to look at those
vacation pictures again?

Yes, now be quiet and act like you're interested!

We saw lots of stuff when we were at the campings.
Here is what the cactuses look like in the mountains.

Someone said it didn't look like Arizona.
Well, it really is.
I asked the tall guy where we were and he said
we were in a town called Greer in the White Mountains.
There is even a ski place there.
I think Khyra and all the other huskies
would like that when it snows!

Evidently I have a tendency to get
a bit excited around the water,
and my listening skills aren't
as good as they should be.

Which led to this:

You may have noticed that in the first video,
I was 'sans string'
which means I could run all over.
You may also have noticed in the second video
I was no longer the free-spirit, speed demon
that I was in the first video.
Something about how I ran away
into the woods the first day
and didn't come back when the tall guy called for me,
and he got all scared that I was going to get lost,
and I knew where he was all the time,
and, blah blah blah,
I don't want to go into it.

I did help gather the firewood.
Even though the cabin had a gas fireplace,
it never hurts to be prepared!

We saw so many different things.
Here is a gate.

And here is another gate.
Can you see the bear and the elk?
I don't even know what is a bear and a elk,
but there they are.

That second gate was for the house
that costed two millions of dollars.
It is for sale.
When we found out that it
costed two millions of dollars, well...
It is still for sale.

This is not the house with the gate.
This house was near our cabin.
I asked the tall guy why we didn't stay at this house.
I did not know what was the 'stink eye',
but I do now!

I still got to go back and play in the water:

It was really really fun!

I hope you have enjoyed seeing my vacation.
You will have to come with us next time.
Just remember to bring something to read
because it gets really dark at night
and the tall guy won't let you watch anything
but the HGTV on the teevees.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

September 26, 2010

Our Woodland Adventure!

There's a lot of stuff you need to know
when you go to the camping!
First, the tall guy really laughed when
Mistaya started talking about tents.
He said if you were supposed to sleep on the ground,
there would be mattresses instead of mushrooms!
He's more of a sleeping inside on the bed,
watching the teevees type of camping dude!

Here I am trying to get him to hurry
so we could go smell all the outside smells.
I needed some outside smells to fill up my head fast!

This is the 'crik' that was beside our cabin.
I thought it was a creek, but the tall guy said
we had to call it a 'crik' since we were in the mountains.
I think the altitude got to him.

Well, it just so happened that the 'crik'
ran underneath this 'bridge'.
It did not look like any bridge I had ever seen before.
You could see all the water running underneath it.
As much as I wanted to go see the water,
I did NOT want to cross
the 'bridge of untimely death for dogs who have a hard time
when they can see through where they are walking'.

But, the water called to me, like sirens on the open seas,
so I decided to allay my fears, and take the plunge.
Not literally, I just decided it was not TOO bad.
(I was still not very happy, as you can see above.)
And then to top it off,
we couldn't get to the water from here,
so I had to cross back over the bridge.
A lack of planning on someone's part I think!

We finally had to get in the car
and drive to some place where I could get in the waters.
Here is a short documentary about
me playing in the water.

Of course, there were sticks a'plenty!

Well, that's enough for one day.
The tall guy said I can talk about the trip
for one more day.
He said if you did not want to see any more
pictures about me traipsing around the mountains,
that you could watch the footballs on teevees tomorrow
and come back on Monday.
He said I can tell you about the house
that costed two millions dollars
that we saw.

See you soon.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

September 25, 2010

Now I can tell you!

Earlier this week, the tall guy had me to get in the car.
But he didn't say where we were going.
I did notice that he had put
a bunch of stuff in the car with us.

Needless to say I was very ANXIOUS!

We drove for a long time and then what did we see:
TREES! Lots and lots of real trees!

I seemed to remember these trees from last year.

We kept on driving for some more.
And then I figured it out.
We were going to the camping!!

It was raining pretty hard, but I didn't care.
I only had one thing on my mind!

Could it be?

Is it?

It is the water that I got to play in last year!!

So, the tall guy said to apologize that he has not gotten to visit you this past week, because we did not have no Internets at the camping. He was NOT a happy camper! BOL!!
(Because he is addicted to the Internets.)

We have like 18 million pictures
and even some movies of me at the camping.
I'll have the tall guy help me put up only the best ones
for you to see in case you want to go to the camping too.

So, we are back!
We missed you!

Friday, September 24, 2010

September 24, 2010

What Do YOU Do
When You See Another Dog?

For some reason, and the tall guy doesn't know why,
whenever I see another dog walking out at the park,
I like to sit down and wait for him/her
to come over and say hello.
He did not even teach me how to do this.
I just started doing it on my own.

The tall guy gets tickled,
because everyone always says
"Look at that good dog.
He is so well behaved."
(That part always makes the tall guy laugh!)

If they start to come over,
I will usually lie down,
so that they will know that I am not going
to jump on them.

Well, maybe just once,
I kinda tried to kiss the person
with the dog,
but that was just because I was
so excited that they brought their
dog over to see me.

Oh, all right.
The tall guy said that I sorta kinda might
have a very slight tendency to almost
always try to say hello to the people.
But we are working on that.

Did I tell them the big news?
I thought you told them.
Oh my.
Well, the big news is...
What do you mean I've
typed too many letters for today?
And that I'll have to wait until tomorrow to
tell everyone the big news?
I didn't know I had a letter limit.
Oh well,
I guess everyone had better come back tomorrow then!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

September 23, 2010

How to duck a catch
catch a duck.
by Jack

Here are some easy steps
for you to follow to learn
how to catch a duck!

First, you have to wait ANXIOUSLY.
Jump around a few times.
If you don't wait anxiously, the tall guy won't play.
Make him think that getting that duck
is the most important thing in your life!
Remember, he's going to pretend to make the duck fly
in different directions, but don't be fooled.
Wait until he has actually made the duck fly before you
go running off!

Next, run and get the duck,
remembering that it is probably going to land
behind you because the tall guy thinks that's funny
to watch you looking for the duck when it's really behind you.

Grab the duck and run back to the crazy, yelling guy,
er... I mean run back to the tall guy.
If you don't bring the duck ALL THE WAY BACK,
you won't get no treat.
Sometimes, you don't get no treat anyway,
but you never know.
The tall guy says it's MITTEN REINFORCEMENT,
but it's too hot to be wearing mittens,
so I have no idea what he's talking about.

It is always fun to pull on the duck's head
when you get back.
But be careful or sometimes the body will pop-up
and hit you in the eye!

And here's the best part of the game.
Wait until the tall guy has made the duck fly
a really really long way away.
And then go to the duck and sit down and eat a stick.
Remember, don't do this every time.
Use your mitten reinforcement.
How else will the tall guy learn that
you're done playing the game?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

September 22, 2010

Are you tired, run down, listless?
Do you poop out at parties?
Are you unpopular?

The answer to all your problems is in this little tree.
Mesquito beans!

Mesquito beans contain
mesquitos, beans, vegetables and minerals.

Yes, with Mesquito beans you can EAT your way to health.
All you do is eat a great big mouthful after every meal.
MMMMMMMM..... they're so tasty too!
Tastes just like candy!

So why don't you join all the thousands of
happy peppy puppies
and eat a great big bunch of
mesquito beans tomorrow!

That's Mes-Quito-Beans!


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

September 21, 2010

Sometimes you just need to
sit in the shade and
watch the world go by.

I feel like Khyra! :)

Monday, September 20, 2010

September 20, 2010

Wait For It!!

Did you notice that about halfway through the video I stopped digging and looked around to see if anyone was watching me?

I mean, what's the good of digging a hole if no one is watching?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

September 19, 2010

I didn't know what
he was talking about!

After we went to the lake the other day, the tall guy said I looked like a drowned cat*. I said that was a horrible thing to say and he said it was just a 'spression'. So I looked online and here's what I found:

I don't think this kitty is a happy camper!

* Evidently there is some debate about
whether it's a 'drowned cat' or a 'drowned rat'.
But this is the video I found,
and I'm sticking with it!

Note from the tall guy:
Jack's picture yesterday was Photoshopped.
No make-up was harmed in the making of the picture!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

September 18, 2010

I Like Turtles!

No idea what I'm talking about?
Click here!

Friday, September 17, 2010

September 17, 2010

Boys and Their Toys
(Part 2)

Here are some of my toys which did not make it into the top 10 (or top however many I wrote about yesterday). These are my 'misfit' toys.

Again, in no particular order:

• Kongs

While it is true that I can not destroy MOST Kongs, they just don't seem to do much for me. I will occasionally chew on the black thing and sometimes we play with the red ball but needless to say, these are usually just somewhere on the floor waiting for someone to come along, trip, and break a hip or an arm. Even when the tall guy puts stuff in the Kong, I usually just get it out and then go on my merry way. And yes, there are some Kongs that I can destroy. Usually if it has a hole it in, it meets a slow but painful piece-by-piece death.

• Bones

I do like to chew on these, but you might be able to tell, they get sharp pieces on them rather quickly. You can also see where I started tearing apart the green plastic on one of the bones. The tall guy is pretty good about checking to see when they need to be replaced. I don't know why he prefers to use his bare feet late at night to realize they need to be thrown away. He sure does have some funny names for them right before he throws them in the trash!

Oh and I am not allowed to have real bones. Something about the fact that I break them like they were plastic. Even the big ones. I got a knuckle bone once. I had it for almost a minute!! Boy was that fun.

• Frisbees

Frisbees are pretty cool. We found the yellow one at the park, so we decided it needed a home. Unfortunately, I stepped on it and broke it, but it still works good. The black one is one of the indestructible ones. Please ignore the parts that are missing. (Although the company was good about replacing it - I've got another one in the laundry room. I like the yellow one better!)

• Wubbas
This makes me very sad :( <--- See, there is the very sad face thingy. I love me some Wubba, but I evidently have a 'tendency' to remove the round thing which is supposed to remain INSIDE of the Wubba. As a matter of fact, it is kinda like a tennis ball! Fortunately, this Wubba was given to me as a present and the person who gave it to me told me it was ok if I de-balled it. The tall guy does not buy me no Wubbas no more.

• The round doughnut-like thing
Yuck. This is nasty. That's all I got to say about that.

Speaking of Mr. Duck #3. Here is what happened to Mr. Duck #1 and #2:
'As you can plainly see, their heads have a tendency to explode. Usually while they are in my mouth. But, since I only get to play with this with the tall guy, they tend to last longer than most of my other toys. I think I'm beginning to notice a pattern there!

Toys I am not even allowed to have no more (or have never been allowed to have):

Absolutely #1 - RAWHIDE. The tall guy said he had more than enough gagging and digging pieces of slimy rawhide out of the mouths of his other dogs to continue along that path. I know what they are because I've seen them at the pet store. But I've never had any.

#2 - Tennis balls. See yesterday's post. If you ever find the prize inside, please let me know what it was.

#3 - Almost any toy with a hole in it. Because if there is a one hole in it, there needs to be more. And holes lead to pieces. And pieces lead to...

... #4 - Any of the toys that are out in the box in the garage. Or any of the pieces of the toys that are out in the box in the garage. Or any of the stuffing that was in any of the pieces of any of the toys out in the box in the garage.

#5 - Magazines. Not my idea - the tall guy said to make sure I added this.

And one more thing we are leaning toward never having any more:
Anything with stuffing in it. Including my dog bed. Which I am constantly reminded is made for laying down on and is NOT A SEX TOY. No sirreebob!! (I think mine is in doggy bed therapy.)

= = = = = =
And now for the important stuff:

Each year, more than 4 million dogs end up in shelters and breed rescue organizations. Pedigree created The PEDIGREE Adoption Drive to help shine a spotlight on the plight of these homeless dogs.

This year the PEDIGREE Adoption Drive is raising awareness for homeless dogs by donating a bowl of food to shelter dogs for everyone who becomes a “Fan” or “Likes” The PEDIGREE Adoption Drive on Facebook. So far more than 1 million bowls have been donated.

Thursday, September 16 through Sunday, September 19, the Pedigree BlogPaws bloggers will host a Blog Hop, to help raise awareness for the “Write a post, help a dog” effort. Make sure to head on over to a Pedigree BlogPaws Blogger (Life With Dogs) who is hosting the Blog Hop to add your link.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

September 16, 2010

Jack's Guide to Toys
That I Like

Please note: The toys shown below are not endorsed or guaranteed by me, Jack, unless the toy company wants to send me a bunch of stuff. In that case, I'll endorse the heck out of them!

Since we were talking yesterday about toys I seem to find 'non-indestructible', here are a few of my favorite toys (that I have not completely destroyed. Primarily because the tall guy won't let me play with them by myself).

In no particular order:

1) Baseballs

We use these when the tall guy wants me to get some exorcism (TG: I think he means 'exercise'). For some reason, he seems to think it's funny when he throws it, I run after it and bring it back to him. But, he said to remind you, that I can and will destroy a baseball by tearing off the cover, but not while we're playing something called 'gogitit'. I don't usually play with this by myself.

I give this toy - 3 barks!

2) Boomer Ball
I like playing with the boomer ball, especially at the dog park. This is the same type of toy they give to the animals at the zoo. I guess that should tell you something. You may notice that there are quite a few bite marks on it. But it still rolls good. Another toy I don't play with by myself.

I give this one 2 barks.

3) Jolly Ball
Finally, a toy that I love to play with and that I can play with by myself. I love to pick this ball up and throw it. Unfortunately, it's usually at the tall guy's head or legs, but hey, if they didn't want you to throw it, why did they put holes in it? I still can't get to that green ball inside, but I'm not going to stop trying. The tall guy said you can get these at the PetSmart or the Petco and they come in different sizes. If your peoples get you one of these balls, do not drop it on their head in the morning when they are asleep. For some reason, they don't think that's very funny at all.

I give this toy 4 barks!!

4) Nerf Football

The tall guy said the only reason you see this toy is that he won't let me near it unless he's throwing it to me. I think it looks like a tennis ball and everyone knows that tennis balls are made to be opened. There has to be a prize in ONE of them, right?

We get to play football now that it's turned cooler. With extra added squeaking bonus. (Did you know that dogs like toys that squeak because it is supposed to remind us of killing our food? Isn't that disgusting?)

I give this one 3 barks, but only because I didn't get to look inside of it yet!

5) Flying Duck

Oh my dogness! I love my flying duck. It's sort of like a slingshot that will go really far so I can chase it. And it looks like a duck. And it squeaks. And it has a rope for a tail. This is Mr. Duck #3. Don't ask about Mr. Duck #1 or 2. PS. There will be more about Mr. Duck tomorrow.

I give this toy my superduper 5 barks and a snap!

6) Bomible Snowman

Here is one of my new favorite toys. I got it for my birthday. The tall guy is amazed that I have only tried to open it up a little bit (right under the mouth). I love to shake him like I am about to tear him up, but then his hands hit me on the head and I come back to my senses. This is another one of those toys I don't get to play with by myself, but I really like it when I do get to play with it. Right now it is sitting on top of the refrigerator where I can't get to it. The tall guy thinks I don't know where it is, but I do!

I give this toy 4 barks!

Tomorrow, we will talk about some toys that didn't quite make today's list!