Friday, September 17, 2010

September 17, 2010

Boys and Their Toys
(Part 2)

Here are some of my toys which did not make it into the top 10 (or top however many I wrote about yesterday). These are my 'misfit' toys.

Again, in no particular order:

• Kongs

While it is true that I can not destroy MOST Kongs, they just don't seem to do much for me. I will occasionally chew on the black thing and sometimes we play with the red ball but needless to say, these are usually just somewhere on the floor waiting for someone to come along, trip, and break a hip or an arm. Even when the tall guy puts stuff in the Kong, I usually just get it out and then go on my merry way. And yes, there are some Kongs that I can destroy. Usually if it has a hole it in, it meets a slow but painful piece-by-piece death.

• Bones

I do like to chew on these, but you might be able to tell, they get sharp pieces on them rather quickly. You can also see where I started tearing apart the green plastic on one of the bones. The tall guy is pretty good about checking to see when they need to be replaced. I don't know why he prefers to use his bare feet late at night to realize they need to be thrown away. He sure does have some funny names for them right before he throws them in the trash!

Oh and I am not allowed to have real bones. Something about the fact that I break them like they were plastic. Even the big ones. I got a knuckle bone once. I had it for almost a minute!! Boy was that fun.

• Frisbees

Frisbees are pretty cool. We found the yellow one at the park, so we decided it needed a home. Unfortunately, I stepped on it and broke it, but it still works good. The black one is one of the indestructible ones. Please ignore the parts that are missing. (Although the company was good about replacing it - I've got another one in the laundry room. I like the yellow one better!)

• Wubbas
This makes me very sad :( <--- See, there is the very sad face thingy. I love me some Wubba, but I evidently have a 'tendency' to remove the round thing which is supposed to remain INSIDE of the Wubba. As a matter of fact, it is kinda like a tennis ball! Fortunately, this Wubba was given to me as a present and the person who gave it to me told me it was ok if I de-balled it. The tall guy does not buy me no Wubbas no more.

• The round doughnut-like thing
Yuck. This is nasty. That's all I got to say about that.

Speaking of Mr. Duck #3. Here is what happened to Mr. Duck #1 and #2:
'As you can plainly see, their heads have a tendency to explode. Usually while they are in my mouth. But, since I only get to play with this with the tall guy, they tend to last longer than most of my other toys. I think I'm beginning to notice a pattern there!

Toys I am not even allowed to have no more (or have never been allowed to have):

Absolutely #1 - RAWHIDE. The tall guy said he had more than enough gagging and digging pieces of slimy rawhide out of the mouths of his other dogs to continue along that path. I know what they are because I've seen them at the pet store. But I've never had any.

#2 - Tennis balls. See yesterday's post. If you ever find the prize inside, please let me know what it was.

#3 - Almost any toy with a hole in it. Because if there is a one hole in it, there needs to be more. And holes lead to pieces. And pieces lead to...

... #4 - Any of the toys that are out in the box in the garage. Or any of the pieces of the toys that are out in the box in the garage. Or any of the stuffing that was in any of the pieces of any of the toys out in the box in the garage.

#5 - Magazines. Not my idea - the tall guy said to make sure I added this.

And one more thing we are leaning toward never having any more:
Anything with stuffing in it. Including my dog bed. Which I am constantly reminded is made for laying down on and is NOT A SEX TOY. No sirreebob!! (I think mine is in doggy bed therapy.)

= = = = = =
And now for the important stuff:

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    Dogs Rule!

    Tall Guys and Moms Drool!

    BTW, I'm with woo on the kong - akhtually gave mine away - Mom did fill it with bonesikhle stuff - I'd eat it and be done -

    My broFur Thoryan did unkhover the great hidden toyball in the purple Wubba I gave him - it is one of his favourite toys!


  2. You are wooftastic!!!! I is glad to see others helping our shelter cousins!

    giant wet kisses!

  3. Jack-

    I'm with you on that toy list. But, I do like a toy that can be stuffed with kibble, (something with a smaller opening than a Kong).
    And I really love stuffies, but we have yet to find one that is Airedale proof, for longer than 3 minutes.


  4. Jack
    That was quite a list. I chew like you do but not as good as you do. Some of my stuffies are still around and some well.... I am all about taking that fur off the tennis ball!! It is easy and a blast!!


  5. Absolutely on about all of the toys...except for the kong! Well that's not true... you are right about the two you photoed (harry didn't like them either) but Harry had a kong that was his favorite "present" (that's what he called it!) of all! It is red, about the size of a large man's two hands put together, and in the shape of a tube that became bigger at the edges! It was his favorite present! And he only managed to destroy the first! And now that Harry is in doggie heaven (I guess it's human heaven too because I'd hate to think of heaven without all my canine and feline friends being there to greet me!) it has a place of honor on our living-room shelf! So Kong's are long as its the right one! -- And maybe you need the jaws of a German Shepherd (Harry) or a baby polar bear (I saw them playing with kongs in a documentary once!) to really bite your teeth into them.
    Great about Pedigree... I will "head over" there now! Thanks!

  6. I don't think any doggie actually uses nylabones. It is one big hoax, right. Sorry that you don't get any chewies. I have the same problem but I do get part of a cow leg to gnaw on once a week. The thigh bones are pretty sturdy.


  7. Jack Mom LOL when she read 'TG has funny names for nylon bones in the middle of the night'!!!
    I asked Mom what she thought they were she told me to search my memory bank back to the time when I was a kitten and completely destroyed one side of the door frame....I told her I was trying to give myself a manicure??!!! MOL

  8. Kongs...
    The best toy ever! Especially when there are treats inside! ^^

  9. We agree with you on this list, that's for sure!


  10. confirmation...check!
    I agree with y'all...down to the last word....check!

  11. Wow -- the Tall Guy sure has a list of no no's....poor's so much fun tearing all that stuffing out! Maybe you should tell the Tall Guy to try it sometime....I'm just sayin'....

  12. Woof! Woof! The KONG is the best toy ever ... the only toy that still exist in my house I have 3 of them in different types n shapes. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  13. Now I loves my has my name embroidered on it!!!!
    You has too many stuffs you ain't allowed to plays with...sigh. So do I but I still does. I likes da molding in da kitchen da best.


  14. Great review Jack! I might add flip-flops and slippers...could be along the lines of tp and magazines? This might be your career my friend :) Product testing!!!
    Yes...let's feed our furpals!

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  15. I must be the weirdest dog on the planet. I really could care less about toys... any of them.

  16. PeeS.... Super cool on being the Featured Bloggy on DWB Jack!!! Yeaooooo! :)

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  17. But whatever will you do with a stuffingless bed? Jack, I am afraid you need some sort of intervention so that you can keep some of your toys! Things like that donut that are indestructible never get touched by Moose as apparently being destructible is an inherent property of a toy. We definitely agree on the rawhides- moose likes to figure out if they are ready to be swallowed by swallowing them and if not then he hoarks them back up and goes back at it. I have given Moose those big smoked bones in the past and he got scary sharp pieces off and I thought he was going to break a tooth! Scary! Luckily you have a TG who knows how to keep you safe though :-) Really it is kinda amazing you have not had to have things removed from you yet so TG definitely knows best!

  18. I'm glad I made you laugh. My sister got a kick out of my little faux pas also. It's not my first and it won't be my last. BTW, Jack has to many toys!

  19. whats wrong with the donut thing?
    I was tempted to get darwin a wubba, but being as she loves to destuff everything lately i figured it'd get destroyed too.
    She found a barbie at work today (I dont know why there was a barbie at work) and amputated her. :O
    ive been relying on buying cheap stuffies at goodwill and letting her have a blast (a messy blast)

  20. Hi, Jack!
    Another good list of toys!
    I guess I need to improve my cheewing skills!
    Sorry about all those NO's in your life!
    Pawsome Pedigree Drive, right?
    Kisses and hugs

  21. Agree agree.. I love my KONGs when filled with yummy goodness, when empty.. I don't care!

    My Wubbas.. well, you know how I treat them!

    Licks from me!!


  22. I thought I was bad but you got me beat if you can eat a Chewber!

  23. Hi ya Jack! Cool review of the toys! I recently found a new toy too, called the monster ball! I have a posting about it on my blog, you may want the tall guy to check it out. My mom puts a jerky treat in it and then stuffs a bone in the mouth and I work like crazy trying to get it out! I find it's lots of fun! Cool blog!


  24. Very good details about your toys. You've given this a lot of thought Jack, we're very impressed. Except for eating, playing is the most important thing in a young dogs life. It's good that you have a TG to procure the best toys fur U. He's a keeper.

  25. Your lists do no apply to me because I'm a girl and I'm tiny. There! I get to play with tennis balls except, I don't like to, because they're enormous and they don't fit in my mouth (they're bigger than my head actually) Now fetch the one off the fridge and kindly mail it to me.
    Gracias amigo

  26. Waaait a minute. I just remembered your comment about the Burbank Library Meeting. Would you or your TG be interested for a notification by me next time we have a similar event? You are only a state away.. BOL and some :(