Friday, September 3, 2010

September 3, 2010

For Madi and Ozabella

Yes, I am wet.
But it has absolutely nothing to do with today's post!

I have not ever met a cat in real life. But online I have met Madi, the diva, and Ozabella, Remington's little sister. Don't ask me how a dog can have a cat for a sister. I think that's something for the theologians to figure out! They both seem very nice.

The tall guy says that most cats are pretty friendly, but some of them do not like dogs. Maybe that's because dogs have not learned that cats do not like it when someone sniffs their butt!

So, in honor of two of my online feline puppy friends, here is a video about a cool kitty:


  1. Jack,
    That was one cool and smart kitty. They better watch her cuz she may make calls to China or something.

    Jack I understand the kitty thing. I have seen them upclose and I bark at them. Madi and Oz are different and very nice kitties.


  2. my big sister is a kitty and the important thing to know is that kitties do not always want to play games and even when they do they are always in charge

    daisy mae

  3. We are Scout 'n Freyja's kitty siblings an' we would yike you to know that we are furry nice to pups when they are in our domain - as long as they defer to us and give to us the proper worshipings.

  4. Do you keep in touch with Ozabella on your iPhone? My older sister is a kitty cat but she lives at Grandmas place, she hates me with a passion... don't know why but your sniffing butt hint may have something to do with it.. or the fact I bark at her. Not sure..

    Happy Weekend!

  5. JACK THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH FOR THE MOL THIS MORNING. That is the ultimate cat toy....wonder if mom can find we for me at PetSmart!!!MOL
    I, Madi, have never met a puppy either butt I'm sure we could make friends once we figured out the correct greeting. For instances, if I hiss at you in a very low tone...that would mean I need my coffee and you should back off.
    Big Kitty hug,

  6. Jack,

    I has met kittehs befores, but mom won't let me plays with them...yet. :)

    WOofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  7. Woof! Woof! YES my peeps friends cats does not like me. I wonder WHY? Mmmm Dog are still smarter that cat. You are WET ... hope you dried well it helps a lot with allergies. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  8. Well Jack, now this is coming from a guy who has lived with four cats for the last year and a half....all I can say is "I have never met a cat that I don't like". They can be fun -- but I think having a doggie brother would be more and all of that....

  9. Sam would like to point out that we should all run from cats and never turn our backs on them. Sam just saying...


  10. I'm amazed that you've never met a cat before. You are definitely missing out. Ask TG to get you your very own cat - I think you'd love it. :-)

  11. Uh, does you knows you wet Jack?
    Oh Madi my girlfuriend, did you evers here da story bout her getting in a bar fight?
    Oh and I loves Ozzie too, her brudder always gots my back.

    A texting Kitteh? Dat ain't right!


  12. Kitties, just get me all twitterpated...I just go bonkers and I can't control myself...and that's about it!!!

  13. Hi Jack,

    That was just too cute! Thanks for sharing.

    Riley and Star.

  14. Hi, Jack!
    I have seen some kitties but they don't like to play with me!
    That texting kitty is adorable!
    Have a good night
    Kisses and hugs

  15. Hey Jack -b4 Mom brought me home, I lived with all my brothers + sisters and a few cats, they were pretty cool. Mom is affraid of cats, so we won't be getting one, but maybe TG can get you one as a pet and i'll come over and play with you guys...??

  16. So next time I send one of my late-nite non-sensical texts I will blame it on a kitty!
    Hope you had a great swim!