Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September 1, 2010

Let's continue,
shall we?

Okie dokie, dominokie!
(I have no idea; it's just something the tall guy says.)

I generally wake up from my 2nd nap around 4:00 - 4:30ish (no, it doesn't take me that long to wake up (unlike some TGs), it's just that the time varies from day to day).

Unfortunately, it is not time to eat when I wake up. :( I don't get to eat until about 5:30ish (Shocking I know!). The tall guy said if he fed me before then, I would come back about 9:30 and tell him that I was starving! Fortunately, the tall guy doesn't eat until about 6:30, so I can almost always count on getting some of whatever it is he is eating.

If he's not involved on the computer between 5:00 and 5:30 or doesn't have Top Chef on the DVRs from the night before, we might get to go on our 3rd walk of the day.

Then after we eat, we always get to go out and play. Sometimes we just go on another walk, sometimes we go to the local park and sometimes we go to the dog park. I never know which one we are going to do, and since I don't have much say in the matter, I just stand there looking pitiful until he has decided what we are going to do!

When we get home, it is always funny because the tall guy thinks he's going to get to watch tv. He has tried this every night since I can remember and it never works (which is why he has the DVRs for the teevees). "I'm trying to watch Wipeout!" means nothing to me! :) Special note: Find out what your person's favorite tv program is. If you play your cards right, it's always good for one "go sit down and keep quiet" cookie!

So we get to play some more and then I run in and out of the dog door to see what's happening outside. Sometimes, if I haven't been around for a few minutes, the tall guy will get up to see what I am doing. I don't know where he thinks I'm going since there is a fence all around the yard. I just like sitting outside and smelling. No wait, I like sitting outside and sniffing. That's better!

So then about 10 o'clocks dark, I finally decide it's about time to come and lie down on the couch and watch the tall guy watch teevees. I've learned a lot about buying your first home, eating food out of a truck and the big balls.

So that's pretty much what I do all day!

Now some of you had asked me about this:

Why am I not allowed in there?

That is the LIE-BERRY,
which is not to be confused
with the straw-berry or the black-berry.
That is where the tall guy keeps all his expensive books.
Evidently I might have, at one time long, long ago,
decided to see how a book tastes.
So, now all the books are in the LIE-BERRY,
which is like a prison for the books,
so they have to be behind bars
so I can't get in and they can't get out.
Hmmmm, there is also a gate into the
living room where the piano is.
It seems there's a lot of places
in my house that I'm not allowed in.
I think I may have to investigate this further!!


  1. Woo surely need to renegotiate your khontrakht!

    I'm just sayin'


  2. JAck,WOW, that sounds like a pretty interestin day that you have every day. 3 walks a day!!! I could only dream of that!! Thanks for the info, I will find out my moms favorite show and see if it gets me a be quiet cookie!! BOL

    Yha I know about buying and selling homes too. Actually I know about making and decorating cool cakes too.


  3. Jack - A personal question. Is that you charging up your batteries from a power cable in that top photo? Now we know where all the energy comes from. Ever Ready Jack.

  4. Oh Jack u r so lucky - the ONLY time we git daze like that iz the weekend.
    Shiloh'n Shasta

  5. You labradogs and your pathetic looks. PeeWee pulls the same crap to get extra walkies and attentions around here. I have the same problem with enjoying the outdoors. Momma is always checking on me to see what I am doing. Hey lady! Either come out and play or leave me alone.

    We have forbidden zones here too. Can't imagine why.


  6. should have been born a cat!!! You could go any where any time high or low!!!
    The entire world would be your oyster (unless you are allergic). There is only one place in the house I cannot get to and that is because the door is locked. However, dear friend, you have one up on me you get to to outside on walks and to the park!!! And your days are full of fun.
    Madi and Mom

  7. Jack,

    Your day does sound a bit like mine except I have to wait until 6 oclocks to be fed!! No furbiddin zones fur me but I am not allowed on da furniture and dat sucks. :(

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  8. Woof! Woof! Mmmm You'been (TG) writing a lots lately. Thanks for sharing. YAH TV. My peeps loves to watch the NEWS, Discovery, Food Network n lately the Bravo channels. They do enjoy TOP Chef n looking forward to the Dessert Edition. Mom is hoping to have a Doggy Chef Edition.
    When I was young there are place int he house that I am not allowed well now that I'm old n a senior dog ... I can go anywhere. I LOVE being in the LR by the piano n fish tank. Enjoy your day, Jack. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  9. Wow Jack it sounds like you have very fun filled days:)

  10. Jack we have to wait until 6:15 to be fed around here. What is the deal with us all getting feed so late?

  11. You are livin' large my gold pal!
    Hey, I ate a book once....but I never tried piano. How does that taste?


  12. Just put on your invisible suit and check it out. The tall guy will never know.

  13. Ahhh, now I see why the gate blocks entry to that room. I wondered if there might be a scary one-eyed hunchback or some other loathsome creature that TG was doing science experiments on. But it's just books and a piano? Yawn.

    Cabana loves it when the peeps watch TV here. It means she gets to sit on the couch (she needs to be invited), and if she's lucky, even a few pieces of popcorn.

  14. Jack, you and TG are furry sophisticated to live in a house wiff a lie-berry in it. It's a good thing to have! Maybe someday those books will get to be paroled on good behavior or something.


  15. You can only go in SOME of da rooma in da house??????? We is allowed to go throughout da ENTIRE house.
    Okays, I'm lieing...mum has all da baffrooms blocked off and da entire upstairs...howeverm brudder Albert has free roam.


  16. Jack, since you MIGHT like books, I suggest you read Junie B. Jones by Barbara Parks. Start with the first one then skip to my favorite: " Junie B. Jones Smells Something Fishy."


  17. Hi, Jack!
    Yes. Your days are very interesting!
    I am free to go to all the rooms in my house. I guess I am too boring because I never "play with things that are not mine"!
    Kisses and hugs

  18. Dude -
    you can so jump the gate into the forbidden rooms. I can and I have 3 legs.