Thursday, September 16, 2010

September 16, 2010

Jack's Guide to Toys
That I Like

Please note: The toys shown below are not endorsed or guaranteed by me, Jack, unless the toy company wants to send me a bunch of stuff. In that case, I'll endorse the heck out of them!

Since we were talking yesterday about toys I seem to find 'non-indestructible', here are a few of my favorite toys (that I have not completely destroyed. Primarily because the tall guy won't let me play with them by myself).

In no particular order:

1) Baseballs

We use these when the tall guy wants me to get some exorcism (TG: I think he means 'exercise'). For some reason, he seems to think it's funny when he throws it, I run after it and bring it back to him. But, he said to remind you, that I can and will destroy a baseball by tearing off the cover, but not while we're playing something called 'gogitit'. I don't usually play with this by myself.

I give this toy - 3 barks!

2) Boomer Ball
I like playing with the boomer ball, especially at the dog park. This is the same type of toy they give to the animals at the zoo. I guess that should tell you something. You may notice that there are quite a few bite marks on it. But it still rolls good. Another toy I don't play with by myself.

I give this one 2 barks.

3) Jolly Ball
Finally, a toy that I love to play with and that I can play with by myself. I love to pick this ball up and throw it. Unfortunately, it's usually at the tall guy's head or legs, but hey, if they didn't want you to throw it, why did they put holes in it? I still can't get to that green ball inside, but I'm not going to stop trying. The tall guy said you can get these at the PetSmart or the Petco and they come in different sizes. If your peoples get you one of these balls, do not drop it on their head in the morning when they are asleep. For some reason, they don't think that's very funny at all.

I give this toy 4 barks!!

4) Nerf Football

The tall guy said the only reason you see this toy is that he won't let me near it unless he's throwing it to me. I think it looks like a tennis ball and everyone knows that tennis balls are made to be opened. There has to be a prize in ONE of them, right?

We get to play football now that it's turned cooler. With extra added squeaking bonus. (Did you know that dogs like toys that squeak because it is supposed to remind us of killing our food? Isn't that disgusting?)

I give this one 3 barks, but only because I didn't get to look inside of it yet!

5) Flying Duck

Oh my dogness! I love my flying duck. It's sort of like a slingshot that will go really far so I can chase it. And it looks like a duck. And it squeaks. And it has a rope for a tail. This is Mr. Duck #3. Don't ask about Mr. Duck #1 or 2. PS. There will be more about Mr. Duck tomorrow.

I give this toy my superduper 5 barks and a snap!

6) Bomible Snowman

Here is one of my new favorite toys. I got it for my birthday. The tall guy is amazed that I have only tried to open it up a little bit (right under the mouth). I love to shake him like I am about to tear him up, but then his hands hit me on the head and I come back to my senses. This is another one of those toys I don't get to play with by myself, but I really like it when I do get to play with it. Right now it is sitting on top of the refrigerator where I can't get to it. The tall guy thinks I don't know where it is, but I do!

I give this toy 4 barks!

Tomorrow, we will talk about some toys that didn't quite make today's list!


  1. Every toy is a challenge. I love that!

  2. They even make The Jolly Balls in horse size -

    Me thinks woo need one of those fur review!


  3. Jack
    BOY!! You must have some big strong toofers!! It cracks us up seeing all the bite/chew marks in your toys. Now come on~~ You cant tell us that you dont know how to get on top the fridge???I dont believe it!! BOL


  4. I am impressed that you are only on Duck # 3! And you keep working at that jolly ball! You will get to the green ball some day! You're a dog after all! Perseverance has to be your middle name!

  5. Those be some serious teeth marks on your toys there Jack!

    Kudos for a most informative post on the pros and cons of da various Jack toys! I'm thinking a toy endorsement is in your future


  6. Nice review Jack!!! Many of my favorite toys seem to be living on really tall pieces of furniture. Makes it a bit tough for impromptu play times :)
    Love that snowman!!! You might try a helmet when playin' with that one!

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  7. Jack - Why do they always seem to think that we don't know where the toys/treats/goodies are ? Top of the fridge ! Think again.

  8. Ok Jack, just move a kitchen chair over near the fridge, then climb up on it. You should be able to reach up and get your Bomible Snowman now! PS, don't tell TG I told you this, he just might hate me for it!

  9. Jack, maybe TG needs to get you a kitty cat that can get up high on the fridge and knock down your toy. Thanks for the great review, we are going to prepare our list for shopping for the Momster.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  10. Woof! Woof! I'm surprised that Duck n Bomible. None of my softy toy survived. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar
    BTW: I know how TG likes Top Checf ... we like the new Dessert edition ... so our post today is a recipe. Woof! Woof!

  11. Gotta get a Jolly Ball for Rowdy. He loves balls.

  12. Jack
    This was a very informative infomercial....
    Mom and I are convinced you have bionic pearly whites!!
    Madi and Mom

  13. I like the duck and the snowman! And I love the description of the snowman whacking you in the head! hahahaha. I think Darwin would scare herself with it and that would be pretty entertaining!

  14. *sigh* You're a bad influence Jack. LOL Caspina & Cocoa have demanded that I go to the pet store on payday and get them some of these cool toys.

  15. We want one of those bominables!! It's way too cute. I think having separate "play alone" and "only with supervision" toys is essential. Not all toys are intended to be chew-and-destroy toys. Not having constant access to certain toys makes them more special...and causes less damage to the pocketbook, too.

  16. Bravo! Great toy review! I think they should send you a truck load for all the advertising you just did!

  17. Oh Jack!!! We just loves all yous toys!!!

    believes it or nots.. I'z has a little (IzZY puggie) siZed football... I'm a gurl, butts a bruiser!! SNORTS!! My brother Anakin loves your
    Bomible Snowman and Josie likes your Duckie!!!


    Tanks for 'da support on Mama's
    bloggy yesterdays :)

  18. I'z meant to say on Mama's post (we's lets her borrow).. I'z my bloggy!!
    snorts!!! :@)

  19. Your Snowman is pawsome, Jack!
    Great arms to play tug! Oops!

  20. George has a flying duck. Love that you gave it an extra snap.
    And Ozymandias was in my top ten, believe it or not.

  21. Those are lots of toys, Jack!
    Good review about them!
    Kisses and hugs

  22. Sam is very careful with his toys, but I think Monty and Jack are very much alike!


  23. It's raining men....hallelujah! Tks for that!

  24. Lemme just inform yu dat theres ain't nuttin in them tennis balls. I am..'scuze me, I WAS on #36 until mum finally gots da idea dat I can't be trusted with 'em. If you eats da fuzz then you poop be funny.


  25. Very nice choices Jack! I posted about Moose and his baseballs before. He rips all toys apart (probably not as fast as you though!) but I can 'trust' him b/c he does not eat the parts. EXCEPT for baseballs! He tells me the outside tastes like a rawhide which he is not allowed to have and will rip it off and eat it! Your duck looks soooooo fun! I totally think TG should write some companies to see if he can line up some paying endorsements for you!

  26. Your toys are so nice and neat... wow.. I must be a really mean awful dog the way I destroy my toys... :(

    Maybe I need some kind of help... I may have a problem

  27. I love my Jolly ball! I had the one with the handle first. I ate the handle off but it was still fun and rolled and I didn't make the hole bigger. I left it where we stayed for vacation last summer. Then we got the one with the rope through it. The rope is gone so it is better now. I carry it around smooshing the air out.

  28. We have the flying duck! Only no one will chase it (no retriever genes here). We also have lots of stuffies sans faces and squeakers ;-)

  29. Hi Jack! Your toys look like fun! My favorite toy is a skweeky green monster that SKWEEEEEEKS when I bite its tummy! My brother Dillon likes dollies but he does tend to rip out their fluffy middles, so Mom doesn't let him play with them anymore. He likes chewy hoofses a lot. We both think your Bomible Snowman looks very nomable! Sounds like you one of those "strong chewers"!

    Barks & Wiggles,