Thursday, September 23, 2010

September 23, 2010

How to duck a catch
catch a duck.
by Jack

Here are some easy steps
for you to follow to learn
how to catch a duck!

First, you have to wait ANXIOUSLY.
Jump around a few times.
If you don't wait anxiously, the tall guy won't play.
Make him think that getting that duck
is the most important thing in your life!
Remember, he's going to pretend to make the duck fly
in different directions, but don't be fooled.
Wait until he has actually made the duck fly before you
go running off!

Next, run and get the duck,
remembering that it is probably going to land
behind you because the tall guy thinks that's funny
to watch you looking for the duck when it's really behind you.

Grab the duck and run back to the crazy, yelling guy,
er... I mean run back to the tall guy.
If you don't bring the duck ALL THE WAY BACK,
you won't get no treat.
Sometimes, you don't get no treat anyway,
but you never know.
The tall guy says it's MITTEN REINFORCEMENT,
but it's too hot to be wearing mittens,
so I have no idea what he's talking about.

It is always fun to pull on the duck's head
when you get back.
But be careful or sometimes the body will pop-up
and hit you in the eye!

And here's the best part of the game.
Wait until the tall guy has made the duck fly
a really really long way away.
And then go to the duck and sit down and eat a stick.
Remember, don't do this every time.
Use your mitten reinforcement.
How else will the tall guy learn that
you're done playing the game?


  1. Maybe woo should send these pointers to Sammie's Sisfur Avalon -

    She's BIRD khrazy!

    Those Goldens!


  2. Jack, that post is soooo funny!!! My people do that to me sometimes when they throw the ball with that throw they have any idea how far that thing can fly??? I wish I could throw it for them just once!! Maybe then the next time I race after it they will give me more treats!!! Hugs and wags to you, Mistaya

  3. What a smart guy you are Jack! (And so kind to tall guy!)

  4. Yuh, momma tries that mitten stuff with us all the time. It fools stupid PeeWee, but not the Mango! No food? No fetch!


  5. Jack what a ducky post!!! You handsome boy at age 2 have FIGURED out how to handle TG. So you've had experience with the duck slapping you upside your head? MOL
    Speaking of birds....tell TG mom bought me Da Bird...and I da love it to death...thanks for the heads up.

  6. The duck has a retractable head? That's too fun. Good job on giving TG the mitten reinforcement. I have a hard time giving mitten reinforcement to Cabana because I always feel guilty, like she's getting cheated. Gotta get over that.

  7. AhhhhhhHahahahaha This is awesome. I do the same thing.

  8. Looking good Jack!
    We love our duck you sent us...even though he is missing some stuffing, he still flies like the wind!

  9. hahahah. mitten reinforcement! hahahaha!

  10. BOL Ha ha ha ha you always make us laugh jack! Mitten reinforcement :-) I think that is where sometimes there are treats in his mittens and sometimes not. Or maybe it is where you only get treats when he has mittens on? Who knows... it really keeps you guessing though, huh?
    Ha ha ha still laughing at that one. Funny Boy jack!
    p.s. Moos just figured out that he is owed a duck like the one you have... he says every self-respecting lab needs a duck to retrieve! He was not so clear on whether he would actually retrieve it (with or without mitten reinforcemnet) but I may have to get him one to find out!

  11. Thanks for all that great Advice Jack! We will try that when Mom gets home from work!
    Your Friends

  12. Great tips for catching the duck Jack. Sounds like you have it down to a science sepcially the part when he throws it really really far, and you sit down to chew on a stick!! BOL Too funny!!


  13. You are so good at giving instructions. I learn so much from you....

  14. Woof! Woof! great one Jack ... I'll follow n eliminate the stick part. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  15. I think you're getting too smart for the TG... he better watch out.

  16. tee hee hee we loves to bring it halfway back only and make em walk to you tee hee hee they keep saying they are not gonna play nomore if we keep doing it but they play most everyday anyways tee hee hee

    pibble sugars
    the pittie pack

  17. Your Duck looks to be as much fun as Monkey. Except, cleaner.


  18. Brilliant post Jack, and great advice. Now we know what to do!