Sunday, December 30, 2012

December 31, 2012

A Story Told In Only A Few Words


For me??

Oh, it's my Christmas present 
from Stanley

I'm so excited!!

I just can't hide it!

I'm about to lose control...

and I think I like it!

Thank you Stanley
for my wonderful
Christmas presents!!

(Note from the tall guy:
Jack actually played with his new toys
once I could get the box away from him!)

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

December 27, 2012

Opening Christmas Presents!

Boy did I have a wonderful Christmas.

 I got a whole bunch of boxes and paper to chew up!

Oh, and there was some stuff in the boxes too.

And I've only de-stuffed one thing so far.
(Not the dinosaur in that picture.
I got 3 whole dinosaurs to play with!)

I'll put up some more Christmas pictures
next time,
including some of all the GREAT
stuff I got from
in the Christmas Gift Exchange!

Monday, December 24, 2012

December 25, 2012

What did I get for Christmas? 

I have NO IDEA!!

Even though it says December 25th at the top,
I had to write this on December 24th,
so I have not gotten to open any of my presents yet.

So if you come back on December 26th
(or the 27th, depending on the Tall Guy's mood),
I will be able to tell you how I made out

If you're reading this on December 25th,
I hope you are having a
very merry berry Christmas
and that everyone in your family
has a wonderful day!

If you are reading this AFTER December 25th,
  I hope you have a
very merry berry
whatever day it is!! 


Friday, December 21, 2012

December 22, 2012

I love to walk in the rain!

TG and I (I feel I can call him TG now, since I've known him so long) went for a walk in the rain yesterday.

We did not intend to go walk in the rain but when we got about 50 miles away from the house, it started raining.  So, instead of hurrying home, we just took our own sweet time and got wet all over.  I didn't mind because I knew what would happen when we got home.

That's right!


It's a massage and a game all in one.  And I'm still pretty wet when we get done, because for some reason I don't dry off very quickly, so I get to stink up the house AND the bed because everyone knows you have to go get in the bed when you've just gotten wet.  Well, at least everyone in OUR house knows that.

So next time you get wet, you can play the towel game too.  It's a hoot and a half!!

Monday, December 17, 2012

December 18, 2012

Something seems
a little strange here! 

I think I've been turned into a Christmas tree ornament!

That's very strange.
I don't even OWN a red scarf!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

December 14, 2012


The tall guy finally got around to decorating that tree that he put in the middle of the room and I got to help.

Oops, sorry.

Can we open the presents NOW?

More to come...

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

December 13, 2012

The Tall Guy Has The Sadz :( 

We have gotten SO many Christmas cards

that we have run out of room to put them up!
(See, they won't even fit on the screen!
And that's not even all of them!)

It is VERY exciting when the tall guy
comes back in with the mail
and tells me that I have got something.

So, we say thank you to everyone.
And I have an idea for next year.

Since I am, err, we are getting so many cards,
maybe next year we could have a 
Christmas Cookie exChange!!

On second thought,
why wait?

If you have any extra cookies
laying around your house,
you can send them to me.

Just don't let the tall guy know,
cause he has a tendency to hide things
until Christmas morning.
I may have to get my own post office box!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

December 8, 2012

Well, he's back!! 

and do you want to know what he brought back with him?

Yep, that's it.
A squashed loaf of Sunbeam bread.

He had to fly 50000 miles
and be gone for 3 days
just to get a loaf of bread.

He said something about attending
a retirement party for a very good friend of his,
but I have my doubts.

On the other hand,
it is pretty good bread.
Especially when it's got bacon on it!   

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

December 6, 2012

Where is he?

Have you seen the Tall Guy?
He took his green bag and left me here all by myself
(well, except for the lady who comes by and the guy who watches me at night),
but other than that, I'm all by myself.

If he comes to your house, 
please tell him to get home very quickly.
He forgot to put the cookie jar down where I can reach it.

He better bring me something good
when he gets back!

Monday, December 3, 2012

December 4, 2012

It is to laugh...

The Tall Guy has been working on something called 'Christmas Cards'.  He said you send out these 'Christmas Cards' to people you like to let them know you're thinking about them during Christmas. 

I asked him if the people who got the 'Christmas Cards' could trade them in for cookies and he said no.

I told him it would be OK if he did not send me no 'Christmas Card' then.

He also said I was not to tell you that he did about 20 cards and kept licking the envelopes but they wouldn't shut.

It was about that time that he noticed that they were self-stick envelopes and he needed to pull of the sticky paper to make them close.

Consider yourself not told.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

November 30, 2012

I am not even going to look at you!

So it turns out that the green things in my dish were not turkeys.  They were, as many of you noted, green beens.  They were delicious frozen green beens, very crunchy and cold and tasty and mmmmm....

But I digress.

It seems that even the Tall Guy did not get no turkeys for Thanksgiving.  Come to find out, he does not even LIKE turkeys.  

He is odd sometimes.

He had chicken and banana pudding.

I had green beens.

But I did get some Redi-Whip stuff.

On my nose.

Put there by the Tall Guy.

You may not see my face in my pictures on here for a long, long time.

Although, maybe I can get some green beens with Redi-Whip.

Oh, TG, I've got something to ask you!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

November 26, 2012

MMMMMM, Turkey! 

I hope everyone had a very nice Thanksgiving and 
got to eat lots of good stuffs.

I got to eat some delicious turkeys.  I don't remember turkey being green, but the tall guy said that it was 
a special kind of turkey.

Now about that pumpkin pie...

Sunday, November 18, 2012

November 19, 2012

The Most Beautiful Tree in the World!

I am telling you I have seen some beautiful trees.  Up in the mountains, out near the water, just everywhere.  But the tall guy brought home a picture he took of the most beautiful tree in the world.

Are you ready to have your eyeballs explode 
from the beautifulness?



Isn't that amazing?
Wouldn't you love to have that at your house so you could look at it every day?

I asked the tall guy if he would buy it for me
so I could sit and stare at it all the time.
I bet it even smells beautiful.

On second thought,
maybe we should not get it
as I'm not sure I could handle being around
such beautifulness.

But maybe you can talk your mom or dad
into getting it for you!
It is so beauticious you could leave it up
in your house all year and have everyone
come by and look at it.
Or you could charge them
one taco to come by and see it.
You would never be taco-less again! 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

November 16, 2012

More Words

Last time, I told you about some of the words that the tall guy says that I don't know.
Today, I would like to tell you about one of my FAVORITE words
(besides cookie).

And that word is 

See all the !!!!!!!!!!  That means I really, really, really, really, really like that word.
See all the really, really, reallys?  That means that I .... well, you get the picture.

I do love me some bagel.
The tall guy usually goes and gets 2 bagels on Saturday morning
and I get 1/2 of one of them
(wheat only, thank you).
I take it outside and eat it AL FRESCO
(that means sitting in the grass).

So, do you have a favorite word
that your family uses?

Monday, November 12, 2012

November 13, 2012

Please and Thank You!

I have no idea what the tall guy is talking about 
when he says
"Thank you".

He usually says it when he's trying
to get me to do something.

"I'm gonna get your nose".

What the heck does THAT mean?  

I much prefer
"Would you like a cookie?".

Now THAT I know.

Do your peoples say anything to you
that doesn't make any sense?


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

November 7, 2012


Today is a good day to go lie out in the shade and 
get a shade-tan!

Just remember to wear your shade-cream
so you won't get a shade-burn!

And don't look directly into the shade!

This has been another safety tip
from me, Jack.

And have a GREAT day!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

November 5, 2012


They need to invent a new cereal called
that you can eat on the mornings
when the Tall Guy wakes up at 4:30AM,
because he is certainly not in
the mood for no
let me tell you!

I'm just gonna stay in the car
until he gets in a better mood!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

November 1, 2012

We have a winners!! 

We had a lot of excitement at our house on Howl-o-ween.  We had a LOT of kids come to our house and beg for candy.  The tall guy said I did a very good job of barking REALLY LOUD every time someone came to the door.  EVERY SINGLE TIME!!

So, how many kids did we have come by?


We might have had more but the tall guy was trying to eat dinner, so he turned off the outside light so no one would know we were at home. That number doesn't count the tall guy who ate 4 pieces of candy while we were waiting for everyone to come by.

The tall guy said he should count for at least 1/2 of a person, so we decided to give away THREE Alpha-Pet books for our contest.

The winners are:

Tank  (who guessed 99.5)!  Wow, Tank, can you call me and give me next week's lottery numbers?

Clyde S Dale  (who guessed 90)


Tikkii  (who guessed 86).

Congratulations to everyone for guessing.

If our winners will send an email to the Tall Guy at,
he'll get your Alpha-Pet book in the mail.

Oh, I did not even get no candy at all.  Not even any of the bad kind that the Tall Guy bought for all the older kids who didn't even bother to put on a costume.  

Isn't it about time for Christmas???

Monday, October 29, 2012

October 30, 2012

 (A Howl-o-ween Story!)

It's ok now.
You are all safe!

I was sitting in the tall guy's
bedroom (and I wasn't even on the bed)
and look what appeared out of nowhere:

That's right.  It's Cthulhu!

I tried to be nice to him,
but he said he came to take away
all the candy and cookies that
all us Earth creatures were planning 
on giving away for Howl-o-ween!

Nobody takes away my cookies!!
 What's that? 
Nobody takes away all the candy for the kids!!  

Seizing the opportunity,
(and his throat),
I jumped right at him. 

I tossed him this way..

and that way.

He put up a stuggle, 
but in the end,
Jackthulhu prevailed.

So I decided the best thing to do was to 
but only the part that made him not nice.

Although, come to think of it,
I am feeling a little strange now...

Happy Howl-o-ween!!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

October 26, 2012


I LOVE getting presents.
I'm so excited!

I can't wait to see what I got this time!!

What is this?


I don't even LIKE mayonnaises!!


It was not my mayonnaises.
Evidently, the tall guy only likes
ONE KIND of mayonnaises
and since he can't get it where we live,
he has to order it special from the company.
Some people are just spoiled!
Now if only he could find
Sunbeam bread!
He could make him a mayonnaise sandwich.
(He said he ate those growing up!) 

Monday, October 22, 2012

October 23, 2012


Look at this:

The tall guy went to the Costco and bought like 
200 pounds of candy for Halloweens.

Do I like Snickers?  No.
Do I like Milky Ways?  No.
Do I like Butterfingers?  No.
I don't even HAVE fingers!

Do I like Laffy Taffys?
Do I like SweetTarts?
Do I like Skittles?
I don't even know what Skittles is!

Do I see any cookies in there?
Do I see any Three Dog Bakery?
Do I see any treats that I would want?

So tell all your peoples to come by
our house and get all of this stuff they want.
Cause it's not doing me any good.
And the tall guy doesn't need any of it!

Actually, if you bring me some cookies
BEFORE Halloweens,
you can have a whole bag full!
It will be our secret!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

October 21, 2012

One can never have too many toys!

Especially if one has a tendency to tear out the insides of them when someone isn't watching.

The tall guy says he has spent
$47 million dollars just on toys for me.
 I think I'll start asking for cash instead.
That way I can take all my friends
to the McDonald's drive thru
and buy hamburgers for everyone! 

Make sure you come back after Halloween to see if you won!