Wednesday, September 30, 2009

September 30, 2009

Playing Telephone!

The tall guy told me about this fun game you can play with your friends, so today at the puppy park, we played TELEPHONE. One puppy whispers something to another puppy something and then that puppy tells another puppy and then THAT puppy tells another puppy and so on. You keep doing this until you run out of puppies. Here I am gathering all the puppies to explain to them how to play:

Here we go:
"Suddenly, the rain began to fall on the slippery slope and
your mother was baking a pie!"

"Suddenly, the train began to fall in the soup and your mother began to cry!"

"Suddenly, the rain fell in the soup and then
your mother got pie in her eye!"

"Susan ran to get the soup and ate your mother's pie!"

"Hey, do not eat my mother's pie!! Give it back!"
ME: "Ouch!"

Just to show you that I'm ok, and I explained to Armand that
no one ate his mother's pie!

So, next time you're at a party with all your puppy pals, you should play Telephone.
But make sure there's enough pie for everyone, as it appears some puppies
are a bit too sensitive when it comes to pie!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

September 29, 2009

Get Out of Bed!!

Sometimes the tall guy just decides he wants to stay in bed a little too long, so I have to go lick his face until he decides it's time to get up. He thinks it's pretty funny until I go and lie down on his head. Then he says why is there a cow on my head and I have to tell him it's just me!

So if you need help getting your peoples up in the morning, just give me a call. I'll come and lie on their head for you. I bet you they will get up then! :)

Note from the tall guy: I wasn't asleep in this picture. We were 'rasslin' on the bed. Ever since Jack has gotten 'bigger', he doesn't sit on my head as much as he used to. But there for a while, about 3:00 in the morning, I would wake up with a puppy wrapped around my head. Trust me, that's cute ONLY the first time.

Monday, September 28, 2009

September 28, 2009

What do you mean you can't play with me
on Sunday nights for the next few weeks?

You can watch The Amazing Race another time!
And there aren't any puppies in it, so it can't be TOO amazing!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

September 27, 2009

I decided to become an actor!

Red and Rover Jack**

I think I would make a good comic strip puppy!
What do you think?

First note from the tall guy:
If I'd let Jack do this,
he'd be up to New Year's already.
January 1, 2045 that is.

You may need to click on the comic to make it big enough to read!

** Second note from the tall guy:
RED AND ROVER comic strip
Copyright: Brian Basset

Saturday, September 26, 2009

September 26, 2009

And now, for our new hit tv show:
Dancing With The Puppies!

If you can hold up one ear, I'll cross my right front paw over my left front paw and then we can both turn around and that will be our big finish. Trust me, it will be PAWfect! And remember, never let them see you sweat! (Well, that won't be too hard, we're puppies - we don't sweat!) OK, never let them see you pant!

Friday, September 25, 2009

September 25, 2009

Back to our routine

I talked the tall guy into taking me to the puppy park today as it was such a nice day and I hadn't got to see my friends in several days. Since I am getting better about not waking him up at 5 clocks, he seems to be less grumpy in a better mood! Of course, I still have to work on getting him to hurry when we get to the park. He seems to want to TAKE HIS OWN SWEET TIME AND walk a bit slower than I would like!

Here you can see some of the mountains which are near the puppy park. This part of the park is for the little guys. I go over to the big guy part, but you can't see it in the picture!

And here I have stolen the water dish (after I splashed out all of the water) and am running away so the tall guy won't be able to catch me. He has learned that it does no good to try to catch me as I can run very fast. I'm can also turn very quickly as well. So, he just waited until I got to the shady spot and then he came and got the water dish. We had a disCUSSion about how some of the other puppies might like some water, so I told him that I was very sorry and that I would try not to take the water dish again.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

September 24, 2009

In which we say goodbye to Camping...

I had the tall guy take a bunch of pictures so I could
remember how much fun we had. Here are some of them.

This is a canyon. I didn't get to go down to the water
because it was a long long ways away!
The roads here were really curvy.

Here is another one of the frozen animals.
There must be a lot of them up in the mountains.
This one is a frozen bear who caught a frozen fish.
I don't know how he caught it since
he seemed to be stuck on his tree stump!

It rained some while we were here, but it was nice, since the cabin had a tin roof.
It made me really sleepy!

The river was really great.
It wasn't too deep so I could run around
and the tall guy wasn't too worried!

I love sticks. I could play with sticks all day.

So, we say a fond goodbye to our camping vacation.
Please come with us next time!

(Note from the tall guy: Here's what $3.5 million will get you. AND it's for sale!)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

September 23, 2009

Braving the Rapids!

Here I bravely attempt to ford the RAGING RIVER. Will I succeed? Will the frigid water be too much for me? Will the crops be saved? (No, wait, that's another movie...)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

September 22, 2009

More Camping Fun!

Some national parks have long waiting lists for camping reservations. When you have to wait a year to sleep next to a tree, something is wrong. ~ George Carlin

Here I am looking down the road into the forest.
I didn't see any forest - all I could see were a bunch of trees!

Here I am in the meadow looking for fleas and ticks.
The tall guy said that we had to be on the lookout for fleas and ticks.
I didn't find any, but if I had, I would have told him!

One of the sticks I found in the water.
It was small and hadn't been in the water very long,
otherwise it would have been WATER LOGGED! :)

I thought the spots on this cow were very unique. You don't always see spots
that contain TWO vowels on most cows!

Here I am watching the puppy parade.
There were a LOT of puppies out walking.
There were 5 puppies who looked exactly alike!
Or maybe it was the same puppy who kept walking by!

Whew, after all the walking and parades and playing, I was plumb tuckered out.
(That's the way they talk in the mountains!)
So here I am relaxing on the sofa in the cabin.
The tall guy put a sheet on the couch because he said someone's hair was coming out
and he didn't want to get it all over the couch.
Funny, I haven't noticed him losing any hair lately!

Tomorrow: Camping video!

Monday, September 21, 2009

September 21, 2009

Lucy, I'm Home!

Well, we finally got back home a little while ago and you know what? There's not a place called 'Camping' - it's when you go out in the woods and get to play. So, I like camping! There were all sorts of really great new smells and I got to play in the water and everything. I made sure the tall guy took a lot of pictures to show you so you will know what to look for if you ever get to go camping. And if you have never BEEN camping, if you show the pictures to your peoples, maybe they will take you camping as well.

First of all, evidently you have to drive a long time to go camping, because they are working on the roads and you have to take a long detour to get where you need to go! Needless to say, the tall guy was not happy about that, but we did get to see something called a 'MIME'. That is where they dig a big hole in the ground (even bigger than I could dig) and throw the dirt everywhere. We even got to get in behind a big truck from the MIME on the detour, so we got to go really slow. Boy, can you really see everything when you get behind one of the big trucks - especially if you are behind it for like 20 miles. I told the tall guy we should get out and walk, but he said then we would not have any way to get to the camping, so I just went back to sleep for a while.

Finally we got to the camping. We weren't staying in a cabinet (I think the tall guy needs to enunciate more clearly!) - we were staying in a cabin. Here's a picture of our cabin:

:) Not really. That was a cabin for a bird. Our cabin was really nice - it even had satellite tv. (The tall guy said that's about as much roughing it as he's willing to put up with!) It had been raining, but when it stopped, the tall guy took me on a walk. (I must have walked like 200 walks this weekend - I'm a walking expert now!) Here's one of the roads we walked down:

I knew something was up when I heard a noise like someone running water in a bathtub. So we walked a little bit more and THERE IT WAS:

Somebody had left on their garden hose and it had run everywhere. So I pulled the tall guy down to the water and I just jumped right in. (The tall guy was not too happy that I was pulling him down to the water, as the ground was really slippery. But he stopped before he got pulled into the water - More about that on another day!) I got to play in the water for a long time. I found a lot of sticks in the water, so I got to take them out and run around in the grass. (The tall guy called it a 'meadow' - I wonder if it belongs to that lady named Rachel?)

Taking in the sun in the meadow:

So after I played in the water for a while, the tall guy said it was time to head back to the cabin for a while, so we started walking back down the road. And, LO AND BEHOLD, what did I see?

It was a cow, but it was FROZE. Hmmmm, maybe that's where they get ice cream. I went up and asked for a small cone, but it just ignored me. So, I won't be talking to any more cows any time soon.

So, that's enough for one post - I've got lots more to tell you about camping in the next few days! Come back and visit if you can.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

September 20, 2009

I'm a Camping Man!

We are still off in the woods somewhere, so I decided to do the manly thing and not shave until I get back home. You can see that I've started to grow a very nice goatee, so maybe I'll just let it keep growing and see how it turns out!

Drat! The tall guy just informed me that I don't have a goatee. It's just my furry neck which makes it look like a goatee in the picture. Besides, he said, puppies don't shave (unless they have to get stuck with a needle), so I guess I'll have to find some other way to fulfill my manly quotient for the month. I wonder what BEER tastes like...

Saturday, September 19, 2009

September 19, 2009

I think a belly makes the best pillow in the whole world.
Especially if it's someone you love!

Friday, September 18, 2009

September 18, 2009

But I don't LOOK 35!!

(Note from the tall guy: Don't worry - it wasn't Jack's birthday
and that wasn't his cake!
Although he would have eaten both the cake AND the candles if I had let him -
flame and all!)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

September 17, 2009

Some Very Good News!

The tall guy said he was going to take me somewhere called 'Camping'. I looked on the map, but I couldn't find Camping anywhere, so it must be a special place that only the tall guy knows about. He said there was going to be a place where I could play in the water and that we would stay in a 'cabinet'. Well, it might be a little small, but I'm willing to try. And we're going to be gone for 3 whole days! I hope he remembers to bring some food cause I might get hungry if we're gone for 3 days! So if you come by my house and I'm not home, just drive up to 'Camping' and that's where I'll be. Hope to see you there!

And I just found out even more good news: Remington has agreed to be my tag-team partner in the PWF! Do you know how STRONG he is? (But don't tell anyone that he's a really nice guy - it might hurt our image!)

(From the tall guy: This video has nothing to do with puppies, but it really made me smile:

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

September 16, 2009

So You Want to Be
in the PWF?

There have been THOUSANDS of reponses from puppies who want to be in the PWF! Maybe even 1.5 million!

Well, maybe 2. But anyway, if you want to be in the PWF, you've got to have STAR quality! Something that makes YOU stand out from the crowd (and if you've ever been in a litter of puppies, you know what I mean!). So, I've created a short educational video message which demonstrates the type of CHARISMA you must have to be in the PWF. So with that in mind, please keep those barks and woofs coming - you could be chosen for the P! W! F!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

September 15, 2009

Jack and the PWF!
(Puppy Wrestling Federation)

Some people may wonder how I got to be in charge of the PWF (Puppy Wrestling Federation). Well, here's why. This is a picture of my last opponent... well, what's LEFT of him! I think Remington and I are going to become a tag-team so that we can RULE THE RING!!! (If you don't know Remington, you should go visit his blog - he's a pretty awsome pup!)

Actually, the tall guy took the bone away from me after about 10 minutes - he said he wanted it to last for at least ONE day. He wrapped it up in shiny stuff and put it in the refrigerator. Does anyone here know how to open the fridge door?

(Note from the tall guy: This was the 2nd bone Jack got today. The first one was a much smaller pork bone and he had it disassembled in about 5 minutes - so into the trash it went. This was was lasting a bit longer, until he broke off the joint (the part he's chewing on in the picture). So, I took it outside and used a hammer to remove the other joint - it was like beating on cement. How he got ANY of it broken off is beyond me. Eventually I did get the knuckle removed, and let Jack have the bone back for a few minutes. BUT, I'm going to have to carefully watch him when I do let him have it, and only for a few minutes at a time. Thank you for all the suggestions about things for Jack to chew on. I'll keep you posted about what I find that he can NOT destroy in less than 5 minutes!)

Monday, September 14, 2009

September 14, 2009

More PWF!
(Puppy Wrestling Federation)

Here I am guarding the 'ROPE of STRENGTH' which is one of the many tools used in the PWF. Only the puppy who is strong of heart and spirit can possess the 'ROPE of STRENGTH', so it must be watched constantly so that it is not stolen.

Here I am explaining the rules for the 'TOW Battle' (tug-of-war) which is part of every PWF match. The puppies must understand that in order to win your match, you must be the sole possessor of the 'ROPE of STRENGTH'. Only the puppy who wins the 'TOW Battle' can continue on to the next challenge!

Here I demonstrate the ancient PWF move, 'PUPPY WITH NO HEAD'. This can be used to fool your opponents into thinking that you have no head. Then when they come by to see what has happened to your head, you can jump up and scare them! It is always good for a laugh!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

September 13, 2009

(Puppy Wrestling Federation)

I've decided to start a Puppy Wrestling Federation, just like the ones you see on pay-per-view on the teevees. Here I am practicing to be a referee. If the idea of the PWF catches on, you'll be able to watch each puppy wrestling match from the comfort of your living room for $79.95! Just think of how popular you will be with your neighbors. And your puppies will have something to watch on the teevees when you leave them at home ALL ALONE on a Saturday night! (You know who I'm talking about!)

As a referee, I will make sure all the matches are clean and fair - no biting below the belt (well, where the belt would be if puppies wore a belt), no ear pulling, no collar holding-on, and no nipping after the bell.

So, if you think you've got WHAT IT TAKES to be in the PWF, please forward your name and weight classification to me, c/o the tall guy.

Here are pictures of some of the puppies from the puppy park who I think would be good for the PWF:

Bruce the Bruiser!
He may be small, but he makes up for it in EVILNESS!


His reign of terror is about to pounce on YOU!

And finally,

You'll do what he wants or he'll eat your toys until there's nothing left but the receipt
from the store where your person bought it!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

September 12, 2009


I don't know what that was, but it sure did taste good!

The tall guy says I am getting better about not eating things that I find on the ground, but sometimes it is pretty hard not to! I can't believe that I used to pick up cigarette butts, but now it's mostly sticks and plastic water bottles. I think I'm addicted to those water bottles. And Gatorade bottles (but I've never seen any gators in them - they must have escaped before I got to them). And plastic cups! Even though I love them, please be kind and recycle your plastic cups because some puppies might think they are for eating and not playing!

We got to go to the puppy store this morning and the tall guy let me pick out my own toy! Unfortunately, it wasn't too long before the tall guy had to take it away from me, as I had already chewed it up :( So, he says no more plastic toys for me. (Although I still have a few of the Kong toys that I can't chew through - yet!) He thinks he may have to go to the really big bones (hey, my mama didn't raise no fool!)

So, if you have a favorite kind of BIG bone that you like, please let the tall guy know so he can buy me one. Or two. Or forty-seven!

Friday, September 11, 2009

September 11, 2009

How the world looks to the tall guy...

(The tall guy wanted me to tell you that he was NOT drunk when he made this video. It's just hard to make a video WHILE you're playing!)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

September 10, 2009


Evidently the tall guy has been taking pictures of me when I sleep. Evidently I sleep a lot. I sleep mostly during the day, so I can wake up really early in the morning so the tall guy will have someone to play with in his dreams...

Or whenever I decide to wake him up. Who needs an alarm clock when you have a puppy?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

September 9, 2009

My New #1 Country-Western Smash Hit Song!

Big Heads
Some puppies got the big heads,
Some puppies' heads are smalls,
Some puppies got a waggly tail,
And some ain't got no ... uh.. er...

Oh well,
maybe I should stick to children's songs.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

September 8, 2009

Someone is in trouble!!

It seems that the tall guy found a website that lets you see how you would look in a bunch of different yearbook photos. SO, without telling me, he put MY picture on the website and look at what he got:
My 1962 Yearbook Portrait

My 1976 Yearbook Portrait

My 1982 Yearbook Portrait

My 2000 Yearbook Portrait


My Student Life Pictures:

NEEDLESS TO SAY, none of this was done with my permission. I wonder if I can sue him. I would ask for 2 extra cookies per day, an extra trip to the puppy park AND some cheese!

Then again, some of them ARE pretty funny!

(From the tall guy: The website is Be prepared to spend a couple of hours there!)