Monday, September 7, 2009

September 7, 2009

For some reason...

the tall guy was REALLY happy this morning. He said something about both of us sleeping until 8 clocks! I think it was the first time I've slept that long since I can remember (the tall guy says he KNOWS it's the first time we both got to sleep that long). Maybe it was because it had been raining. The tall guy said he was really proud of me because the rain caused all the loud booms in the sky and I wasn't even afraid. He said a lot of puppies didn't like it when there are booms in the sky.

Well I told him they shouldn't be because all it was is thunder caused by lightning, which is a huge discharge of electricity. When lightning strikes huge amounts of electricity shoots through the air, this causes two things to happen.

1. The electricity hits the air and starts it vibrating, anything vibrating causes a sound.

2. The lightning is also very hot and heats up the air around it. Hot air gets bigger: it expands. As lightning is very hot the air gets bigger very quickly and pushes against the air particles starting another vibration.

These vibrations are what you are hearing when you hear thunder, the rumbling of thunder is caused by the vibration or sound bouncing of the ground and the clouds.

He said that was a very good explanation, but he much prefered to think it was just puppies playing in the sky running into each other! I don't know HOW he ever graduated from college....


  1. I prefer TG's explanation myself...
    Glad you weren't afraid of the boomers...Zack and Sassy are terrified durings storms...Buddy is oblivious...(ask TG to explain oblivious to you, smarty pants).
    Hugs and Rubs Big Yellow Boy,

  2. And a big kiss for that adorable snooter of yours!

  3. Wow Jack - you're getting very smart. That was an impressive discourse on thunder and lightening. Don't tell him I said this, but I think you're smarter than the TG now.

  4. Thanks for that great explanation Jack!! You are such a smart boy. Ben doesn't mind the big bangs in the sky but his little mate Indy is very scared of it and wants to hide in a little corner when she hears it.

    Chrissie and Ben

    PS Jack I just love those big jowls all sqishing out in that photo. I love when Ben does that too.

  5. Mee thinks you are going to be a great scientist when you grow up.

    I'm not scared of thunders or lightnings too, but I am scared of fireworks !!!

  6. Well aren't you the smartest pup on the block! I am a science geek and did not really know that before now!
    Moose goes and curls up in the bathroom like it is some kind of storm shelter. He does not seem overly anxious about it, it seems more like some instinct to go back to his den when a storm is coming. Very funny to watch! Anyway, I am glad you are not worried about the rumblings... that can lead to lots of problems for a pup!
    And congrats on sleeping in! That is a sign you are growing up! Moose sleeps until I get up or noon-ish depending on which comes first ;-) At the moment it is 9:45am and he is sleeping soundly next to the bed!
    Moose + Dana

  7. Jacks not scared of thunder because it sounds like his snoring. Thats Lucys secret too. However the wind shaking the bushes and trees give her the willys.

  8. You are a smartie Jack - that's what mom cals me too : ) Oh and the sleeping in part? Well I LOVE to do that, but what I do is snuggle real close and make sure that mom's awake so she can pet me, and I sleep ....

  9. Morning Jack,
    You are wise beyond your years.....Madi and I learned a lot today and thank you for that. Our goal is to learn something every day. It is a lazy day here in NC too. Overcast and very pleasant temps. rain is on the way but that is ok. Have a lovely day
    Madi and Mom

  10. WOW are growing up so fast!! I totally understand about the lightening...but my Mama had to go ask Daddy.... did they ever get along without us???


  11. Holy bejeebers Jack you are so smart. I don't like thunder no matter how you explain it, it still scares me and I hide. Yes I am not ashamed to admit it , I hide. I am glad you are so brave. Next could you explain to me about why the humans eat the really good smelling food and I get dog food?

    Licks and sniffs, Sasha

  12. That's why you are Jack, the wise!
    Pawsome post!
    Rufus and Indie