Wednesday, September 23, 2009

September 23, 2009

Braving the Rapids!

Here I bravely attempt to ford the RAGING RIVER. Will I succeed? Will the frigid water be too much for me? Will the crops be saved? (No, wait, that's another movie...)


  1. Jack, Lassie has nothing over on you! If the kids are stranded in a raging river you'll be able to jump right in and save the day!

  2. Jack,
    As we say down here in the look like you were in hog heaven in that water.....I bet it was a PILE of fun!!!
    Madi and Mom

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  4. Jack, you are a water dog right? Of course you can do it!!

    Chrissie and Ben

  5. Oh so Brave! I bet that water was cool too. All of our water is hot n salty!
    The udder tug is awesome they have all different types
    However, given Jack's jaws of steel it might not last long. Moose could rip it to shreds but I guess chewing it (it is very smooshy!) is fun enough that he does not bite it to pieces! It is a strong toy when it comes to tugging but definitely not indestructable! TeddyNo really did a number on our first one and I am thinking his chewing skilz were on par with Jack! It is fun though!

  6. You are a very great and brave adventurer, Jack! I think you may grow up to be Indiana Jones or something.


  7. Jack..Jack..You looked so brave :) I loved the tough guy little run around at the!! I did it!! I Rock!

    You amaze me....

    Licks and Tail wags...
    Olive :)

  8. OMD...Jack you are AWESOME!! I would have been WAY too scared to get in those raging waters!!!

    You GO dude!!!


  9. That is fantastic!!! Looks like you were fishing for salmon...yummmmm
    Glad you had fun!