Wednesday, September 9, 2009

September 9, 2009

My New #1 Country-Western Smash Hit Song!

Big Heads
Some puppies got the big heads,
Some puppies' heads are smalls,
Some puppies got a waggly tail,
And some ain't got no ... uh.. er...

Oh well,
maybe I should stick to children's songs.


  1. ohh jack... you should have made a sound track... so we could hear your lovely voice!

    anyway... better stick to your tennis balls :D
    big licks pu

  2. I'm not much of a country music fan, but I think you might have a hit there...
    We're finally getting on the road this morning...
    Sassy is on meds for incontinence, should make for an interesting trip...
    Time to Giddy up...Westward Ho!!!

  3. Hi Jack,
    You have a good start on a country song. Write a few more verses about your mama leavin', your daddy in jail, your brother stealin' you girl and you'll have a hit.
    Madi and Mom

  4. I think you have something here! What's the name of your group?

  5. Hi Jack,

    That sounds like a great start, don't give up!!!

    lotsa licks,

  6. Sorry to ask this on this post but don't have your email....Madi's mom said you may be able to help me. I can't get any pics to post today. She said she wasn't having any trouble. She said you would be the guy to go to! Any info would be very much appreciated! Thanks. Rem's mom

  7. I haven't heard this song - but then again not a lot of western here in Montreal. But I could easily be back-up singer : )

  8. My thanks to you sir! It must of been something with the blog because now it works! Thanks again. Rem's mom

  9. Oh Jack, I'm sure you could have written one more stanza.... added a couple of AROOOO's in there.

    Grrrs from Giz where no huckleberries live.