Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September 1, 2009

Previously, on Desperate Puppies...

Sometimes the tall guy leaves on the teevees when he goes to the grocery store (I don't know why I can't go to the people food store since he can go to the puppy food store!) And unfortunately, since I can't CHANGE THE CHANNEL (see yesterday), I have to watch whatever is on at the time. So, I have a few questions:

1) Is Sharon going to stay with Nick or will she leave him for someone else?

2) Who WILL be the next HGTV Design Star?

3) If there was a version of Wheel of Fortune for puppies, could I buy a 'GROWL'?

4) How come puppies never get to 'Come on down!'?

and last but not least:

5) I wants to be a millionaire. Just to answer the question.

From the tall guy:
Moose tagged Jack with the 'Oops, I ate it' award and he's supposed to tell what food he has stolen when I wasn't watching. Since styrofoam, plastic cups, underwear/socks, bathmats and tv remotes don't count as food, I'll have to think about this. If the award was 'What food has Jack licked on your plate when you are trying to eat dinner and staring directly at him and telling him NO?', then that would be easy. Everything.


  1. Hi Jack what a cute post about the teeeveee programs. I read in our Sunday paper that the 'Soaps' might be in danger of being canceled. I hope that doesn't mess you up too much.
    Madi was impressed at your ability to get the food off TG's plate while he is looking at you. I told her you have a much larger and longer tongue than she does. Madi says to keep up the good work,
    Madi and Mom

  2. You are so lucky Jack..when Mom leaves me home alone, I get CNN. {Yawnnnnnnnnn} I think she is afraid I will jump at the Teevee if I see something exciting :)

    I love to eat the bathmats too..I drag them out to the livingroom first they taste better that way.

    Licks to you from me!
    Olive :)

  3. Be thankful TG doesn't leave the teevee on Fox News...

  4. You pose some very interesting questions Jack. You're obviously a very intelligent dog... except when it comes to healthy food choices. Maybe you should request the food channel sometimes so you can learn what is edible and what isn't. I recommend the cake challenges where contestants build enormous cakes and sometimes they fall apart and land in a big heap on the floor BOL. If only I could be there to help them clean up the mess!

  5. Hi Jack and TG,

    Mama can't post anything...she is laughing too hard about the foodable comment

    Jack...you need to ask TG for your OWN REMOTE!!

    and Jack...KUDOS on the foodable stealing right in front of TG while he is saying no.


  6. Our momma doesn't leave the teevee on but she does make us listen to classical music when she is at the store...like today. Momma said that it would have been too hot for us in the car when she was shopping so we had to stay home. That is why we like winter, we get to go lots then!

  7. Our humans sometimes leave the teevee on too when they can't take us with them. Usually it is like TRU TV - you know the actuality not reality or something like that. Personally we like the animal channel better but you know how it goes. What all us dogs need is a doggie remote. Wouldn't that be something.
    Ernie & Sasha

  8. I am sure Sharon and Nick will get back together! I'll keep you posted....it's my favorite! I will go and get the remote for Beth if she forgets to turn it on so I don't miss it! Just let the tall guy know what you want to watch and I am sure he'll put it on for you. He sounds like a nice guy.