Monday, August 31, 2009

August 31, 2009

I did not get into trouble* today..
(*well, much trouble)
We went back to the puppy park this morning and I got to play with all the puppies again. It is such fun. There should be a people park where all the peoples can go run and rassle and play! So, when we got home, I was a bit wound up. The tall guy was messing with his computing machine because he said his he-mail wasn't working. So while he was preoccupied, I thought I would get the remote and see if I could find something to watch on the teevees. I couldn't get the teevees to turn on, so I figured the remote was broken. I decided I would just take it outside and see if I could fix it.

WELL, wouldn't you know it, the tall guy doesn't like for anyone to mess with his teevees remote. Not even if they are trying to fix it. I had only chewed through a little bit of it before he realized that I was being awfully quiet. Somehow, he knows that if he can't hear me, I am probably doing something I shouldn't. Well, he came out and took the remote away from me. He also said several things that I don't think I'm allowed to say!

To make a long story short, luckily he's got another un-chewed remote that he can use. As for me, I got a lecture about not eating things that don't belong to me. Maybe one day he'll show me how to make the darn things work!


  1. and you were just trying to be helpful... it's not fair

  2. Jack dear, there are just some things that even you are not allowed to play with.

    Chrissie and Ben

  3. Jack, Jack, Jack...I know you are young and still learning about life but DON'T MESS with the REMOTE!!! Oh major potty mouth out our house when the remote is missing. I do admire you for 'trying' to help though.

    TG: TG's are very good for a lot of things. I'm happy to say Toto lived until nearly 11 in spite of himself. Oh the things the 11 lb. package of dy-no-mite got into...more Toto Tales to come, ate chocolate, chased a horse, jumped out of a car in down town Raleigh (posted several weeks ago), stole a piece of hot (spicy) bbq chicken, etc etc.Madi and Mom

  4. Hi Jack!
    I used to pick up the remote control every day when I was a little puppy and they came behind me. It was very fun!


  5. Jack, it's a human guy thing... they want to be in charge of the remote. At least, that's what mom says.

    That's a super great picture of you! :-)


  6. Thats the thanks you get for trying to help out. Next time let him fix his own remote. I am glad you had fun at the park. I hope you didn't have to go to be without supper.

    licks and sniffs, Sasha

  7. Hey Jack - I don't eat remotes, but we've got a few here, so if you need an extra one, come on by. Also, tell TG that you really were just trying to help and keep yourself occupied : )

  8. Beth hides it from me. Sometimes I find it and make her chase me around. It's SO much fun! I am happy you didn't get into too much trouble.

  9. Jack, don't you know you don't mess with a man's remote? Well, in our case, a woman's remote. Mom is the keeper of the remote at our house, not Dad. But we don't try to eat or fix it. I am a little scared of it. It is hard and as big as I am!

    Chihuahua kisses,
    Bentley (& Lexus)

  10. Hey again Jack! I tagged you in a game in today's post. Hope you have not already played it!
    Moose + Dana
    p.s. Remotes probably don't count since they are not food!

  11. What's your favorite program Jack? Dog Whisperer?

  12. Ooh, Jack, you'd better learn quick there are some sacred things your humans have that you'd better not touch. Ever! Once my mum starting giving me a bone to chew every day, I lost interest in extension cords, CD covers and holy boxes I'd been chewing on up to then.

  13. Hi Jack...I bet TG did not tell you "That is not a chew toy" did he???