Friday, August 21, 2009

August 21, 2009

My Summer Vacation
by Jack

What I did on my Summer vacation
For some reason, the tall guy decided that we needed to go stay at a 'hole-tel' last night
because the thing that makes the cold air in the house
was not working.
So, we got in the car and went to a place where the cold air
WAS working.

Unfortunately, the new place had so many smells and
so many new things to see,
I was just too excited and could not go to sleep.
So after a few hours (and about a thousand 'Jack, NO!'s),
we came back to our 'not quite so cool' house.
And that is what I did on my summer vacation.


  1. Jack that is quite exciting, I haven't done anything except guard my house from all the bad men coming to fix the kitchen(they say fix, I say destroy). It might be fun to go to that place, but I bet I would find the new smell interesting also, maybe we should stay home. Well I hope you enjoyed your summer vacation

    licks and sniffs, Sasha
    p.s. Mom says you are so handsome and she would love to give a nice scratch behind the ears.

  2. Oooh, that is exciting Jack. Hope that thing that makes the cold air is working again. You sure do need that on a very hot day. One time my dad and mum and me went to have a holiday in a house that doggies could go to and it was good too with lots of beach and water.


  3. Oh Jack that is BAD news and on your birthday weekend too. I hope by the time you read this you have some cold air in your home.
    I can only imagine all the smells and sounds you heard at the hole-tel. We could not have stayed at our home last night either w/o a/c. At 10:30 we had 87% humidity and a temp of 76.
    Madi and Mom

  4. oh boy cold air? I hope it gets to working soon..hard to have fun when it is HOT.

    Maybe TG can fill your doggie pool today and that will help you cool off.

    Almost BIRTHDAY TIME!!
    Olive :)

  5. oh Jack - mom would have left you with the no cold air and gone back to that "hole-tel" - Mom doesn't like HOT!!! She would have left you with a bucket of water and said "good luck Jack" - nah, I'm kidding - she would have just kept saying "NO Jack" - but she would never have given up that cold air!

  6. No air conditioning! WHAT!?! That is awful! I don't know what I would do if mine broke. I hope you make it through this okay....hang in there my friend. Beth said I might have to go to one of those hotel thingy's too. I don't think I will like that. But I DO like an it could be VERY interesting!

  7. Hey that's still great summer vacay.
    Hope things are fixed and the cool air is back!!

  8. Tee Hee...I am the SAME way in hotels Jack. I wake up Mommy and Daddy when ever ANYTHING goes by the room. Ummmmmfunny, they haven't taken ME to any of those hole tel places lately.

    Boney Bilbo says he was at a LA KEENTA in Phoenix once a bunch of years ago, you know BD (before Dory). Bilbo likes hotel rooms. Cause Mama and Daddy are in the same room to boss around at all times!!

    Happpy Almost B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y.

    Dory Inviso ink for TG - A package was sent out on Wednesday...hope it makes it there in time!! Happy Happy! the Mama

  9. Jack had an adventure! Sam hopes the air will work in your house soon!


  10. Wow Jack, it's so cool here that mom is wearing "layers, " BOL! Weird weather for this time of the year. I've never been in a hotel, I'm not sure I would like it either.


  11. Hey Jack,
    I certainly hope you a/c is fixed...otherwise you might get left at home tonight while TG goes to the hole-tel.
    Madi and Mom

  12. We don't have a/c either. We have ceiling fans. Hope you have cool air soon. We agree - holetels have a lot of smells - so many humans and pups etc stay there. We pups got to check all of them out.
    Ernie & Sasha

  13. Hope you got the AC fixed big boy!

  14. What on earth were you doing to get so many "jackNos"? Actually, as I think back to our pal TeddyNo, I guess I can envision it! It is hard though since the only evidence appears to be you calmly enjoying a treat! Hope the cold air is back!