Saturday, August 22, 2009

August 22, 2009

Twenty-five thousand pictures...
and not a good one in the bunch!

Here are some more pictures that the tall guy took at the puppy park. I told him he sure does take a lot of pictures. He said it was because I was so handsome that he had to keep taking pictures of me because no one would believe him when he told them how good looking I was. I don't think it's a lie if it's true! :)

This was a nice guy. He was very good about sharing his toys!

Here is the puppy I buried in the hole a while back. I see he's up to his old tricks!

This pretty lady is Maisy. She reminds me of my mom!

Not all the puppies at the puppy park are puppies! This was a really nice lady
who didn't even mind when I tried to give her a kiss! She tasted like puppy!

I don't see any puppies in this picture, but there must be some there somewhere. I asked the tall guy why he takes pictures that don't have any puppies in them and he says because the mountains are pretty. You can see these mountains from the puppy park. He said it was pretty hazy when he took this picture. I think there used to be a show called 'Hazy' on TV, with Shirley Booth, but I don't see her in the picture either!


  1. Hi day and counting until you big day....are you excited? We enjoyed today's pictures especiall the loves the mountains and hopes to one day be able to see one outside her house. this means we'll have to move though....Madi and Mom

  2. jack you and the tall guy have such fun at the dog park every day - does it never rain there? your tall guy is so good and devoted to you - nobody here ever pays attention to me - i've been totally deserted for work

  3. Great looking friends Jack, and what a view from the puppy park! We're headed out your way in a couple of weeks on our way to Oregon...

    Hey TG, Hazel was one of my favorites! You must be an old fart too!

  4. Great pictures have lots of fun, fun friends Jack!!

    Happy almost special day!! Don't will be a FUN special day!


  5. You are very handsome, Jack, that is for sure. It looks like a nice bunch of dogs to play with. I wish I had a dog park near me.

    licks and sniffs, Sasha

  6. We bet that if you looked really and really hard at those mountains you just might find a puppy or two!

  7. Those mountains are very beautiful. Even more so with a silhouette of Jack in the distance, right?

  8. Jack, if Maisy reminds you of your mom then I can see where you get your good looks... she is a beauty! Looks like you had fun at the park even though your dad took 25,000 pictures, BOL!