Sunday, August 2, 2009

August 2, 2009

Will someone PLEASE come get this crazy puppy?

It seems that there are some puppies at the puppy park who do not want to play when I do. I usually try to give them encouragement, but sometimes I feel like I'm barking up the wrong dog!

This young lady, for example, decided it would be best if she just let me run around while she ignored me. Can you imagine that? ME, being ignored. She finally just told me I could do whatever I wanted but she was going to take a nap.

So after her nap, I went and talked to her. She was a very nice lady. Boy, could she run fast! She told me she was a GREATHOUND. I asked her why she was so skinny and she told me a lady never talks about her weight! But she didn't bite me on the nose for asking, so that was pretty nice too.

PS: The tall guy told me she was a GREYHOUND, not a greathound. I told him he was off his rocker because she was brown not grey, so if anything she would be a BROWNHOUND. Note to self: Do not tell the tall guy he is off his rocker - you won't get any treats when you get home!


  1. I have also learned the hard way not to insult the hand that gives you treats. Your friend was beautiful, perhaps she was playing hard to get.

    licks and sniffs,; Sasha

  2. How could she ignore your Happy Dance?

  3. Must never calls your Tall Guy names, as goods as we are we donts have thumbs to open up SOMe foodables ans were nots allowed intos the shops to buys our own. wish we hads a park likes that to runs in. We have huge yard but theres only the two of us an sometimes one of us are likes your friend, we donts feel like playing.

  4. Hi Jack,
    Now that is one fine looking Ladyhound you met yesterday. Me thinks I see stars and hearts coming out of your eyes. I beleive she was trying to be a little not a little boy. Ask TG to tell you what coy means. I am rather coy so I know!! She is very elegant too. I'm glad you were finally able to convince her to play some. You and TG have a good day Madi and mom

  5. So sorry that Grey/brownhound would not play with you. Come on over. The Heeler's are always ready for a great game of zoomies...

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  6. I am so glad you won over the brownhound! You do need to watch the human name would be amazed how creative they can be thinking about pay backs!!!


  7. Hey Jack,
    Boy you sure have a way with the ladies. Maybe she'd have wanted to play if you'd shown her your tonque trick. That usually works for us. Gee, if the bitch wasn't a Greyhound she must've been a Brendlehound. That would explain why she can run so fast. Brendlehounds are a racey breed. They even have Brendlehound race tracks all over the country, especially in Florida where there's one on every corner; or so it seems.
    - TBH&K