Sunday, August 16, 2009

August 16, 2009

OH NO!!!

It seems that the EVIL CAT PUPPY VAMPIRE has captured our hero, Jack. The anxious crowd waits anxiously to see if Jack can escape from the EVIL CAT PUPPY VAMPIRE's clutches!

Can Jack free himself from this predicament
or will this be curtains for our beloved Jack?

Hero to many.
Friend to all.
Loyal puppy to puppies everywhere!

Oh what can we do???


  1. Hang on Jack, we're on our way to Arid-zona to rescue you!
    Wrooo wrooo!

  2. keep you chin up Jack, we'll be there as soon as we cans to helps you.

  3. Jack where is your blue bottle when you need it?
    Madi is a diva cat but she says if she has to she is willing to get her paws dirty to help you.
    Madi and Mom

  4. Hi Jack,
    Madi shopping on ebay in the wee hours of the night would not surprise me!!! HA!!
    Mom (Madi is sleeping..the bum it is only 6:45 pm)

  5. OHHHH Jack!!! You look outnumbered --- but we know your tricky self can outwit them!!!You'll soon have them scattering.
    We're with you & on your side!
    Ernie & Sasha

  6. Impressive that it takes so many pups to subdue the Jack! I am not sure how, but I know he will get out of this terrible predicament! Can't wait for the next episode!
    Moose + DAna
    p.s. No, Moose did not eat the whole bag o kibble (luckily!) it was a small bag and there was only enough for one more dinner in there anyway... Terrible Beast!

  7. I´ll be there to help you, Jack!

  8. Oh don't leave me hanging anymore. I am getting a nervous stomach worrying. Jack you are the dog!! You can get out of this. GO JACK GO! No silly cat puppy vampire can stop J A C K.

    licks and sniffs, Sasha
    p.s.bite it and run like hell

  9. All Puppies..we must unite!! On our way to lend a paw..woof woof!!

    Be tough until help arrives!!

    Tail is wagging...

    Olive :)

  10. Hi Jack...I have put out an SOS to all VPKC members, those not afraid of the dark are on there way!! Ummmmmm, wait, we are ALL afraid of the dark....

    Hope you can hang on until tomorrow...
    Same VPKC time, Same VPKC channel...


  11. I AM ON MY WAY!!!

    Oh boy - it's gonna take a while, can you hang in there????