Tuesday, August 11, 2009

August 11, 2009

EWWWW - they're kissing!!

Kids now-a-days. What can I say? Actually we are NOT kissing - we are preparing for MANLY fighting! And doing MANLY rasslin'. And MANLY sniffing! And drinking MANLY water! And MANLY MAN-STUFF like that!

Actually, the brown lab's name is River and she's 8 months old. You may have seen her picture on here before. She came to the park near my house one time. She is training to be an assistant puppy or a puppy assistant or some kind of job where she helps people. I told her that is very kind of her. But I was still going to eat her nose! :)


  1. Jack, You are the Manliest Man, indeed!
    And remember, chocolate isn't good for puppies.

  2. Oh Jack!!! I'm reading all about this manly stuff the fine info on River and how special she is then BANG your humor kicks in with 'I'm going to eat her nose!!!!'
    LOL buddy your TG is funny.
    Madi and Mom

  3. I think you look very manly in your picture. =) I think I know the secret but I am afraid mom does not allow me to tell you but she has asked me if the tall guy could peemail your address to us? masondixie.dixie@gmail.com
    not sure why though =)

  4. What a Manly day you had! River does look sweet :) Who was the dog watching all the action?

    Becareful biting noses Jack...they may bite ya back!

    Olive :)

  5. Wow...what a Manly post!! You and TG are too funny Jack!!


  6. Of course Jack you are very manly as I am...but we do have a softer side...shhhh just our secret though.

  7. Biting noses....ouch! Be careful.... Is that the Ref on the sidelines?