Saturday, August 15, 2009

August 15, 2009

Our Story Continues....

Our hero, Vampire Jack, is ever on watch for EVILDOERS who
prey on the weak and innocent.

Today's Adventure:
Did YOU eat the puppy?

There have been a lot of cute puppies missing lately.
I must look inside your head to see if you have eaten them!

Puppies? What puppies?
I ain't eat no puppies!

A-HA and O-HO!
I think you have eaten all the puppies.
Now you must pay.

But I have no monies.

Then I have no recourse but to turn you into a
so that you will help me fight all the EVILDOERS!

Evil doors?

EvilDOERS!! Not doors.


Nom, nom, nom.

O-HO and A-HA!
I have fooled you.
I am already an EVIL VAMPIRE CAT
dressed up like a puppy.
It is now YOU who must be eated!

Wait! I need a break.
You can eat me later.
And your tongue is disgusting!

Tune in next time to see if Jack will be eated by the EVIL VAMPIRE CAT!
Same Vampire Time,
Same Vampire Channel!

= = =
From the tall guy to Helen:
Unfortunately this is the BEST picture of the bunch. Dirk is thinking that Jack has gone crazy (he's right!) and Jet would rather be somewhere else.

Jack's Brother and Sister (littermates):
Dirk and Jet
It can't be heredity, because THEY know how to behave! :)


  1. Morning TG and Jack....oh Madi and I do love the Vampire Jack series we wait with baited breath for the next installment. Jack I (madi)think you are very brave Jackson has a very large mouth. Jack I see that good looks run in your family...Dirk and Jet are nearly as handsome as you, Madi and Mom

  2. TG....Mommy says she would comment but she is laughing WAY too hard...

    GREAT POST!!!!!!! are such a good vampire hunter!!


  3. That was a wonderful story! Thanks for protecting the puppies Jack :) I like your huge friend...

  4. What a great story! Jack you look so evil... I bet you had all sorts of fun, though.


  5. okay, not sure what Mom read on this here blog..but she is rolling on the floor with laughter! I loved the pictures too...what a group you hang with :) I need to hop on over there for a visit and to help you with the EvilDoers!


    Olive :)

  6. I don't know TG, looks like Jet is trying to figure out how to one up Jack. She can be pretty devious... As for Dirk, he's just waiting for the next move so he can decide if he should use any of the engery he is constantly conserving.

  7. Your litter mates are as handsome as you-
    (ok, not really, is that better?)
    Stay away from that big puppy. He reminds me of Lennie from Of Mice and Men.

  8. Oh Dear Jack, you'd best get some pointers from pee-wee on how to bitey face a mastiff!
    That pic of your brothers is hilarious. They do seem to be lacking a resemblance to you in many ways! ;-)

  9. Lucky you you get to see your brother+sister ...that's so cool! LOL quite funny how you guys "look" so different....shhhh I still think you are the handsomemost one.

  10. I, for one, think that Jet is the most prettiest of the siblings...but as her Mama, I may be a bit biased. And as for her lack of interest, she was telling me that she was a little wary of Vampire Jack and was trying to blend into the grass so he wouldn't get her when he was done with Dirk.