Monday, August 17, 2009

August 17, 2009

What's This Stuff?

I think it's called BUBBLE GUM.
But if you eat it, your lips get all puffy until they POP!
I don't think puppies like bubble gum
cause when it pops it gets all in your hair.
And there's nothing worse than a puppy with sticky blue hair!

(This message is written in
font, so that a certain puppy won't be able to read the message.
To us peoples, it will look like normal text!)
A very special puppy (well, special to me!) is having his very first birthday next Sunday.
I would like to do something very special for my very special boy.
Other than paying $32000 to fly him to France,
I'm pretty open.
SO, if you have any great ideas, please let me know.
I will choose one of the suggestions at random
and make a donation to your local animal shelter
in your (or your puppy's or kitty's) name.


  1. Hi TG...this is in code too. We were going to suggest you take a vacation day to spend with Jack just doing all the things he likes to do. However, since Jack's b-day is on Sunday so you'll be home. Start is day with a very nicely prepared, leisure breakfast (extra portion Madi says), order him a doggie cake from 3 Dog Bakery, play some of his favorite games, especially the one where you throw the ball in the house and he chases it. After a cool down from play give him a full body massage,then a good brushing!!! After a nap invite a few of his best buddies to the park for some doggie fun time and b-day cake. Madi and Mom

  2. I agree with Madi -- that would be a great birthday!

  3. Jack, it looks like you had an exciting weekend - underground hoses and vampire dog adventures, wow!

    Mom always gives me a special day on my berfday, I get to pick out toys at the pet store, go to dogpark, play all day... but I think my favorite thing is the big spoonful of peanut butter I get on berfdays. YAY!


  4. Good morning! Looks like you had fun at the park!!

    TG--as far as the birthday...hmmm, we will have to think on that. This will be my first birthday this year so I am not sure what to expect! My dream day may be...

    All my friends at my favorite park, each with an individual doggie cupcake...we can play chase and "Vampire" Puppy :) If everyone can just lick me and give me all the attention, that would be a nice gift!

    Would be nice to start the morning with breakfast on the patio..big bowl of ice water to start the day...yummm

    See you later on the blog..

    Woof and Paw Waving!!

    Olive :)

  5. OOH --- Birthday fun. How about taking Jack to the dog park, maybe swimming, then buy him his own hot dog or hamburger then maybe an ice cream cone. We like icecream. Whatever, we know it will be a special day.
    Ernie & Sasha

  6. I think it would be nice if you flew all of his doggy friends there to see him. We can party down all day, watching movies, playing tag and catch and ding dong ditch(giggle). An all day buffet would be nice, I am sure we could all contribute something and then he could open his many pressies. We can end it with a sleep over and a nice breakfast in the morning outside. Let me know so I can plan.

    licks and sniffs, Sasha

  7. BOL...LOL...As Dory couldn't read the last paert of your post, I'll answer for her...Although she would SO NOT LIKE THIS...I say a day swimming at the lake (if yours has water!) followed by a stop at Petsmart and the Dog Park on the way home (time permitting of course). Then present opening and a BIG DOGGIE BONE when he gets home....

    That...or I don't mind Sasha'a idea...and while the dogs are partying the humans can all head to VEGAS!!! No need for planning tho...just send Jack's private jet to get everybody...You don't mind a few extra dogs TG right???

    Happy I am SO way behind Monday!
    The Mama...Beth

  8. Hi TG, good idea on the jet, if you send it for all Jack's friends remember Madi in NC!!! HA!!

  9. Well Mom helped me out with the special code.
    Here is my idea - TG I think you should bring Jack to Montreal for the weekend. There is lots to do here and me and Jack will have a party....oh and any of his other friends can come too.

    Mom says to TG - Parker always gets a special breakfast for his birthday - on his 1st it was pancakes with fresh blueberries, then spent the day spoiling him and taking him places.

  10. Ruby went to a doggie birthday party last year that was a whole lot of fun. I'm sure Jack would enjoy having all his friends over. It helps to have a couple of kids help out with the organizing - games and such. There were puppy races, with prizes and all sorts of puppy-oriented games (showing off tricks, etc). Of course, there was "cake", made specially for the dogs and all the dogs gathered round for the cutting ceremony. The birthday dog (Thandi) certainly new it was her special day. She got to open all the presents the other dogs brought for her, and the other dogs won prizes so they didn't feel left out. Each dog got a take home bag of treats and "cake". I don't know who had more fun, the kids or the dogs!

  11. We know Jack would enjoy a day of swimming, fetching, digging, eating and rolling in disgusting things, licking and slobbering all over TG, and a good belly rub!