Saturday, August 1, 2009

August 1, 2009


Evidently I've gotten into the habit of sticking out my tongue when it's hot. I don't know HOW that got started. And FORTUNATELY, the tall guy is there documenting each and every tongue sighting.

So here, for your amusement (and much to my chagrin) are

THE 5000 Tongues of Dr. J (that's me)!




Notice how my tongue keeps getting longer each time!!!
Maybe I'm like a puppy thermometer.
(Hopefully not like THIS one!)


  1. You are very handsome tongue hanging out and all.

    licks and sniffs, Sasha

  2. Not to worry Jack... I think dogs are supposed to do that when it's hot. It has something to do with keeping your body temperature regulated. Since dogs don't sweat, they pant... and that's not pant(s) that the TG wears... it's pant as in sticking your tongue out and breathing hard. It's pretty early in the morning for me to be up and I might have just made all that up, but give me an "A" for effort, okay?

  3. I have the same habit, Jack! Great tongue shots!


  4. Morning Dr. J....
    Thankfully you have a gorgeous tongue so you just keep on displaying with pride!!! I'm very jealous of it...if mine was that long just think of all the extra food I could lap up....
    Madi and Mom

  5. Yup, that's a very nice and wet tongue. Just be careful not to put it back so fast it might roll!

  6. I think it is stretching out from hanging there so often! Gravity sucks some times! Maybe you need some kind of tongue supporter! ;-)
    Maybe you are right about the bag, but I guess someone 'let the cat out of the bag' when I was not looking. Ha ha ha!
    And when I typed 'pantry raid' I thought the same thing and kicked myself for not thinking of it for the title of the post! There would have been some double takes I am sure!

  7. Re Robin's Old ball comment on my blog..
    Sorry JackDaddy... the ball is fifty years old... maybe NASA still have the original blueprints... recent chemical analysis shows it to be composed of three 'unknown' elements... certainly not from this planet so maybe from a meteorite... it glows GREEN in the dark!... hang on... Cristina did mention it was a gift from an Aunt who had visited Roswell back in 1958???

  8. The longer the tongue...the better the smileys!!!

    Long Tongue Smileys!

  9. You have NO idea how much I wish I could forward some of this rain to you. Who knew I needed hip waders as part of my summer attire. Gizzy wants everyone to know it's why he only needs to stick his tongue out a teeny weeny bit....walking in perpetually wet grass with him being so low to the ground keeps him pretty cool.

  10. Hey Jack,
    DUH! What a unique talent you have there. Why didn't any of us other bazillion dogs think of that sticking out our tonque when it's hot and we're panting thing? WOW! What an original idea. Allocate yourself double treats for this one fella. You don't mind if we try that, do you?
    Stay safe.
    - TBH&K