Friday, July 31, 2009

July 31, 2009

I guess I'm just PUPular!

Yes, I'm in the middle there somewhere!

Whenever I go to the puppy park, all the puppies want to come and tell me hello. That is all we are doing, just saying hello! It does not mean anything that we are whispering to each other. We are NOT a gang. We are not planning anything. We are all the sweetest puppies you have ever seen! We, uh, uh....

OK, you caught me. We're actually talking about how we are going to go into our people's closets tonight and find their shoes and eat their shoestrings.

So, if you wake up in the morning and your shoestrings are gone, remember - the cat did it!!!


  1. Good one, that is a great way to have a group meeting and spread the word. It looked like a nice friendly game of bitey face.

    licks and sniffs, Sasha

  2. Very clever! I wonder if Moose's 'pantry raids' were planned at the park amongst a group of rogue pups...

  3. We think all the puppies crowd around you in hopes of being photographed by TG, and end up on your cool blog...
    Of course they all think you're cool too!

  4. you do look like the gangs leader!
    keep it up jack!
    Licks pu

  5. Jack you and your buddies are one handsome bunch!! Your Daddy taught you to act nice when you were young. You are a good influence on all your friends they like hanin' with you.

    I DID IT!!! I'm THE CAT Who Ate the Shoestring!!!!MadiThat sounds like a good book title

  6. We don't have any puppy parks where I live. They keep voting them down. I live near a park and sometimes we meet other puppies but they are always going the other way. You look like you have lots of fun with the other puppies at the puppy park.


  7. Wow Jack...a GANG leader???

    TG - If you email me, I will email you the Photo Shop prizes that Zoey's Mom did for you...or a link where you can go see them

    Dory (and Dory's Mom)

    beth at ebchristians dot com

  8. All dogs should have your life Jack. Do you know how lucky you are??

  9. I am missing in an important meeting. What a great life you have, Jack!


  10. Hey Jack,
    No gang affiliations please. Just because the 10 of us plan shenanigans doesn't mean that we're a gang.
    - TBH&K