Friday, July 10, 2009

July 10, 2009

Ewww, what's that smell?

I don't know if you've ever been around a bunch of puppies on a hot day, but sometimes there is a slight, shall we say, 'odeur' at the puppy park. Normally, I don't mind smells and I have been known on occasion, to make some of my own, but some of these puppies need a breath mint or some activated charcoal or something. Remember, if you were sticking your nose up someone's butt all day, you'd want it to smell springtime fresh too!

PS. I did not get eaten by the big puppy yesterday. He was very nice, except when he was trying to kill me. The tall guy said that if I was good, I MIGHT get a big blue ball in a few weeks. Actually, he said something about 10-14 shipping days. I told him I didn't want a ship, I would like a big blue ball, please! He let me look at the pictures online of the big cat playing with the ball. So, I will try to be very good for the next few days. That always seems to help when I want something!


  1. ahahha funny picture! :)

    just be patient... the big blue ball it´s coming... I can feel it! :D
    big licks pu

  2. Oh and Tall Guy are too much...I just love to read TGs interpertations of your thoughts...He must have been a beautiful yellow lab in another life. Thanks for the Friday laugh.
    Love your Elvis lip...just in case you are interested in some cat trivia...when I (Madi or any cat) smells something we don't like we do a similar thing with our mouth. We send the smell to our Jacobson's organ in the upper part of our mouth for id...I know you are a dog and is is probably TMCI (too much cat info), but I like you (well Mom likes all furry creatures so I guess I do too). Madi and Mom

  3. Whew, Just watch where you stick your nose!

  4. Wow Jack you are so lucky to get that big blue ball!!! It looks like it could last a WAY long time!

    Sorry about the summer stinky! Be careful of smelly butts!


  5. I knew you didn't get eaten by that puppy! You wouldn't leave your Canadian Buddy would ya???
    As for that Ball - that looks like it's worth the wait : ) My mom has taken to that line on her hand too...whats up with that...she says it's cause i've become a lease dog. Does that mean she's leasing me for a few months?? Oh she just said LEASH, that's the line / knee hurts, I need to lay down a bit more.

  6. hey Jack - I met a big yellow lab today - i thought it was you - we had a lot of fun - don't know if mom got those pics up yet - but it was fun

  7. That's going to be one expensive ball Jack. I sure hope you don't LOSE it!

  8. hehehe, we like your expression! It's priceless!

    Licks and wags
    Tuffy and the Dog Woods Pack