Wednesday, July 29, 2009

July 29, 2009

I have decided that in addition to ZOMBIE PUPPIES, we also need some
(But not like THESE vampire puppies!)

So, if you would like to be one of the
please ask your person if you are a


or a


On second thought, maybe ALL the puppies should be

and we could go after the squirrels
and the mean puppies who jumped on Tank!

Tell your peoples we will only be the
GOOD kind of vampires like
David Boreanaz or Stephen Moyer.

(And tell them we will be home before it gets dark
so they won't worry!)

PS. Just in case you were wondering,
I was not eating the puppy in the picture.
And if I was, he deserved it! :)


  1. Good morning Jack and TG....Ok this is Oscar Material!!! What a fantastic post....Madi and I are in awe totally engrossed in the picture and captions, font and colors and dripping blood. Hollywood is calling....can you hear it? How in the world do you caputre such poses? We're looking for a new camera and asking all our fur-iends and their peeps what type of camera the use

  2. I agree with Madi... you come up with some great stuff. I still think your video last week was the best ever. I would be forever grateful if your vampire dogs could help keep me safe... and I'm sure the squirrels would turn tail and run for the hills if they saw a pack of vampire dogs! Well done Jack.

  3. I am so all over being in Jack's, ( group of good vampire Dogs!!! I even got a toofie ring !!

    Jack, you have a very talented human there...Hold on tight to him, he could take you places...

    "Jack" instead of "Angel" I am so liking that!!


  4. Ooohh... That is good Jack! I just happen to be showing a bit of teeth on my blog today

    Count me in!


    Olive :)

  5. Jack please thank TG for the camera info...Mom really needs to take BIGGER pictures of me!!!
    Your best feline buddette,

  6. YES YES YES - I had a post a while back about Vampires, as this whole Twilight phenomenon that my cousins (humans) are into!
    So YESSSSS count me in as a VAMPIRE!!!!

  7. WOWWWWW Jack! What big teeth and vmpirish expression you have. TG must have been very quick with the camera. We would definitely want you on our side.
    Ernie & Sasga

  8. Hi Jack I am a friend of Dorys. Please count me in. I have one heck of a bite, just ask my Mom. One time she even had to go the doctor, I bit her on the neck and she had something called a hematumba or something on her neck for like a month. I am ready and willing to help.

    licks and sniffs, Sasha

  9. Buddy's afraid of his own shadow...can't imagine him being a vampire. Plus he is missing some canine teeth.
    But you can count on Sassy and Zack!