Tuesday, July 21, 2009

July 21, 2009

Say Cheese!

The tall guy takes so many pictures of me that we USUALLY have the routine down pat. I feel like America's Next Top Dog Model. But, modeling is hard!

Here are a few tips that you can use the next time your person is taking your picture:

1) It is generally not good to move AT THE EXACT SECOND when the photographer is taking your picture. Unless of course, the photographer is taking a moving picture. Then, you need to move. Otherwise, you just look silly!

2) Do not forget that you have a tongue. You will never see Tyra Banks with HER tongue sticking out. An easy way to remember is this: Tongues are long and tongues are pink, stick out your tongue and your picture will stink!

3) Finally, my most important tip. Faces are good. Faces are important in pictures. If you can't see your face, you will not get picked to be in the toilet paper ads!

How would you like to see THIS on your next package of toilet paper? :)

So there you have it. Jack's Picture Pointers (not to be confused with pictures OF pointers!)


  1. Buddy can't breathe unless he sticks out his tongue...

  2. I sure hope Buddy doesn't snore like Jack!

  3. Jack, you are such a wise dog for one so young!!


  4. Morning Jack and TG,

    You must have heard my robust laughter in AZ when I read this Jack and TG...
    'Tongues are long and tongues are pink, stick out your tongue and your picture will stink!' How do you come up with all of this. You guys are a constant source of entertainment. TG is now a poet!! Jack you we need you in Raleigh to teach Madi to sit and stay!!! Boy she moves like lightning.
    Thanks for the Tuesday laugh M&M

  5. great tips Jack... although I could have done without that video of Tyra. I wish she would just disappear and take Oprah with her.

  6. gee Jack - maybe that's why most of my pics are fuzzy - I do all o those things!

  7. Jack, you should write a book! You could model and then give the do's and don'ts. Then after the great sales from your book you can open your own modeling agency and hire the tall guy to be your receptionist and janitor!

    BTW, pass on to the tall guy that the reason it costs so much to train a service dog is because the people who train the dog need to be paid, the dog needs to eat and have medical care and the facility needs to pay for it's utilities!

  8. Thanks for the great tips, Jack! I´ll try that!


  9. I know how you feel Jack! Mom is always in my face with the camera, wanting em to pose, and she gets quite huffy when I don't take a good picture....lol - I love your pointers though, it's great.

    From Mom: Thanks Jack, now let's hope Parker takes your advice : )

  10. Hi Jack...I say we should just do what comes naturally and let our people conform to OUR ways!!

    Forget the whole posing thing...;-)!


  11. Jack, your modeling advice is most excellent!