Friday, July 3, 2009

July 3, 2009

I Going to the Vet!

(Sticking out my tongue, just because!)

We went to the vet's office yesterday. The tall guy said I had to get my 'border terrier' vaccine. I guess it's for when I see a border collie or a terrier puppy. I wonder why I have to take anti-puppy medicine?

Oh wait, the tall guy just told me I have to get my 'border terrier' in case I have to go to the puppy hotel. That's a relief, because there are a lot of collies and terriers at the puppy park (they are usually in the area for the smaller puppies) and they seem really nice!

First I had to sit on the mat so the tall guy could tell me how much I weighed. He said I was 80.7 pounds. I asked him if that was a lot and he said it was only a lot when he had to pick me up and put me in the car. It was hard sitting still on the mat and I think that some of my butt was hanging off. It was also really hard because I was wiggling so much. Then we went into another room and a nice lady looked at me and stuck a pencil up my butt and said my temperature was normal. I'd hate to think what she would have done if my temperature had NOT been normal! Then she gave me a treat!

The nice lady doctor came in, so I had to jump up and tell her how excited I was to see her. She tried to make me sit so she could look at me, but it was really hard. If I jump up on her, she won't play with me, so I'm trying to learn not to jump up! The vet said I was doing really good, except that I was SO excited, it was hard for me to stay still while she was listening to my heart. She looked at my teeth and said they were the most beautiful teeth she had ever seen. So I bit her. (JUST KIDDING!). Then she looked at my toenails and said they were the most beautiful toenails she had ever seen. So I bit her! (JUST KIDDING AGAIN!). Then she stuck a pencil in my nose and squirted it full of stuff. I didn't even cry! And then she gave me a treat and said I was the most beautiful puppy who had ever came to her office. And then she bit ME! (LOL - the tall guy said this means 'LAUGHING OUT LOUD', so I put that instead of typing 'laughing out loud' although now I've had to type 'laughing out loud' 3 times to explain what LOL means, so maybe it would have just been easier to type the words in the first place!)

This was a short visit, so I didn't get to talk to the other puppies who were staying at the vet's office, so I talked to the nice lady who answers the phone. She was very excited to see me too! All the peoples at the vet's office are always very nice to me, so if you don't mind getting pencils stuck up your butt and in your nose, you should come visit them!


  1. oh my jack! :)
    I love your energy! The tall guy must love you a lot!
    I love going to the vet too, I always get to play tug & War with the vet! he’s the best :)
    big licks to you

  2. Morning Jack,
    I don't know what Tall Guy (TG) does for living (this means how does he buy your food) but he should be a stand up comic...I am LOLTIME (laughing out loud tears in my eyes). He is so funny. You were a brave pup to endure all the jabs and pokes. I'll be sure to read your post to Madi on 7/25 before her annual Vet visit. If I can come up with something as funny as TG after her Vet visit I'll post...but I don't see that happening. Madi and mom

  3. I went to the vet last week...No pencils up the butt or nose, but I had a nasty case of swimmer's ear, commom for us Labbies!
    Love the side tongue action!
    Buddy Boy

  4. Nice tongue trick you are doing there! Moose tolerates the butt part but no way no how are they putting that thing in his nose... again! Once was enough and now he gets his border terrier medicine as a shot. Not sure why they bother with the nose thing when there is a shot!
    We can't believe you are already 80lbs! Are you going to keep growing? That is a lovely size for a labbie but then we like the big boys!
    Moose + Dana

  5. Love that tongue shot! Very are the positive dog I've ever met! Glad to know your vet visit was a good one - My vet does all of that too - I never cry except I did yelp when they tried to take pee pee out - Have a terrific 4th of July - will you be going to see fireworks?

  6. I love the vet too Jack! She is sooo nice to me, now talk about the surgeon? Well that's a bit of another thing, he was cool and all, but the lady vet she gives me ALL cookies...all the time. Lady vets rock!