Thursday, July 9, 2009

July 9, 2009

Oh, hello!

Big Puppy: Num, num, num, I am eating my big blue ball. Num, num, num.

Jack: Oh, hello! I see you have a big blue ball. May I play with it?
Big Puppy: Why, of course you can. I like to share.

Jack: Oh wow, this is fun. I like playing with the big blue ball!
I must ask the tall guy if he will buy me one!

Big Puppy: Oh, I did not know that you were going to have FUN
with my big blue ball. I shall now have to eat you.
Jack: Er.... I think you forgot to tell me that!

Tall Guy:
Will Jack be eaten by the big puppy?
Will Jack be able to escape?
Will Jack get his OWN big blue ball (which is made of hard plastic that is intended
for use by zoo animals and is practically inedible, except by lab puppies)?
Come back tomorrow to find out!

Plus, as an extra added bonus:
More Jack at the lake...


  1. hummm
    I´m guessing that Jack escaped AND got a big blue ball :D
    licks pu

  2. Morning Jack and Tall Guy!!! That was one very large dog. Jack you are very brave and kudos to TG for seeing to your socialization early on you get along with everyone...can't wait for the end to that story. I trust it will have a very happy ending. Jack YOU have taken to water, in true Lab form and I expect you'd swim the lake if your 'string' wasn't attached. Madi and Mom

  3. I think TG will sooooo buy a big plastic lab-proofed (is there such a thing?) ball. Jack will then let Big Dog play with his new ball. Then there will be peace and butterflies everywhere. OK...that's what my Mommy thinks..I'm with Tank..RUN JACK!!!

  4. Oh, the suspense is killing me. I love your site, Jack.(and TG) It is the one thing I know that will make me smile everyday.

  5. I am sure that Jack escaped. I hope he get his own ball soon!


  6. We just want to know where to get a cool, big, blue ball like that!!!