Friday, July 17, 2009

July 17, 2009

The FITE!!!

Boy, that looks awful doesn't it? Two puppies biting and scratching and chewing and beating the tar out of each other! Well, let me tell you, it's FUN!! (most of the time). By the way, we weren't REALLY fighting - we were just playing.

Some puppies know that when you play, you should NOT really try to hurt each other. Those are the good puppies. Some puppies haven't learned to play nicely yet. The tall guy says I must have had a good mother and father, because I try to play nicely with all the puppies - even the ones who haven't learned good manners yet!


  1. Jack, Scout here. I only wish my sister, Freyja, would play like your friends. She is a herding breed and always goes for my hind end. I keep tellin' her that's not the place to grab but she doesn't listen...ggrrrrr. Do you suppose she's not listening to me cuz she's a girl?

  2. Good morning Jack and TG!!! First of all Tall Guy you are one talented TG!! How in the world do you do what you did on today's, no need to tell me I'd never be able to do it. Just know your blog was an inspiration to me to try to just set up a blog. Sharing yours is a pleasure. GREAT JOB!! Jack you do look like you are having a ball!!! We could see that there were no pearly whites involved in the ruckus just puppy fun. Madi is definitely a funny looking dog...must be that cat-atude!!
    Ya'll have a good weekend. One week from tomorrow is my annual check up...I hope their scales are broken. Madi and Mom

  3. Hey Jack, I'd love to "face fite" with you!
    Cool music!

  4. Hee, Id have a face fite withs you anyday. I play with ails but she likes to body slam me so I haves to take her back leg an fell her. you looks like your having a lots of fun.

  5. TG - Great FITE so rock!

    Jack, you are so gentle with the other puppies! I see you doing smileys in almost every picture!

    Weekend Smileys!

  6. Jack you have lots of fun playing with the other pups. TG we like what you did with the pictures!! you rock! don't tell Jack.
    PS We don't know how we do without AC either. Our home in Seattle isn't too bad but eastern WA does get HOT!
    Have a fun playful week.
    Ernie & Sasha

  7. Jack, it is easy to tell you are a good mannered puppy!! Ben loves to play this game of bitey face with his friend Indy too.

    Chrissie and Ben

  8. Hi Jack! Wish I had a friend here to play bitey face with me right now!