Thursday, July 23, 2009

July 23, 2009

My Favorite Toys that aren't really Toys!
(Part 1 of a series)

I like plastic bottles! You can do lots of things with them - primarily chew on them until the tall guy takes them away! (With extra added bonus - playing keep away with the tall guy when he is trying to take away the bottle - HOURS of FUN for everyone!)

Someone left this bottle at the puppy park and I decided it needed to be chewed on for a bit. (Or should that be 'bite'?)

The label said 'Ocean Spray' but it didn't taste like the ocean to me. It tasted more like plastic, but then I guess 'Plastic Spray' wouldn't sell very well!

The tall guy always takes away the cap and the plastic ring around the top before he lets me chew on the bottles. I think he is saving them.

He asked me if I wanted a plastic bottle for my birthday. I don't know what a birthday is, but I see pictures of all the other puppies having a birthday and I think I should get one. Or maybe two! But I have to be careful. Evidently this birthday thing makes some peoples go crazy and try to put clothes and hats on their puppies, so it must be some kind of evil voodoo magic. But then some puppies get lots of good things to eat on their birthday. So there must be GOOD birthdays and BAD birthdays. I'll look and see if I can find one of the GOOD birthdays next time the tall guy takes me to the pet store.


  1. We're poor and don't have any real toys...All we have are sticks and old bottles....sad, huh???

  2. Morning Jack!! Love the bottle story looking forward to series #2. Tell TG to send all the bottle caps and plastic rings to me (Madi)...I don't let Mom play with them either. Nothing better to tote around than a cap, plastic ring and best of all is those little plastic strips on the top of milk bottles. The are kind of curly and when you paw them across the floor they are so fun. Madi

  3. plastic bottle is my FAVORITE - once I get my little mouth around one I won't let go - I run zoomies for whole seconds at a time [that's like hours for a little guy] and keep it away from daddy -

  4. Did you say plastic botlles? Did you? Best toy ever!

  5. Wow...I'll have to try the plastic bottles..they sound like FUN!!!


    Pee Ess...Can't wait for the next installment!

  6. Jack...we thought we'd let you know there is something on our blog that you keep asking about...
    Madi and Mom

  7. Oh Jack...Yogi living with might be on to something. Mom tells me he is about my size we might have some fun...good idea...maybe Mom and I can plan a Yogi snatching.

  8. I love to play with those plastic bottles too. It´s pretty fun! Looking forward to read about other parts of the series.

  9. Yes they are awesome toys plus it helps to fit them in the recycle bin! Moose's main mission is to get the cap AND the plastic ring off which I only let him do b/c he doesn't eat them! We can't wait for the next installment! If you are anything like moose it will be shoes or hats or paper!
    Moose + Dana