Saturday, July 18, 2009

July 18, 2009

Little Puppies on the Hillside..

Here we are practicing our 'tails UP!' lesson for the day. You will find that if you do 20 'tailups' every day, you will be ready to do the 'Happy Dog, Waggy Tail' dance when you want everyone to know how happy you are (not to be confused with the 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon' dance, which is evidently only performed when you want to get rid of the Emperor of China).

Unfortunately, some puppies can get something called a Limber Tail, which I did not even know existed! (I hope poor Tuc is feeling better!) If I got Limber Tail, I guess I'd be a Limber Jack. I think someone even wrote a song about me! (Note from the Tall Guy: If you laugh, you'll only encourage him!)


  1. Jack, Jack, I wanted to tell you my mum (would that still be my 'tall guy' or do you think maybe 'tall gal' since it is my mum) took me to the puppy park today!!!! I looked for you there but couldn't find you. There were a few others that looked like you and me but I knew they weren't you cause they didn't come running up to me with their smiley faces on like I knew you would.

    Your friend in Australia ~ Ben

  2. Very nice tail ups! We had a friend who got the tail troubles once, that is crippling for us labradogs! Fortunately he is just fine now.

  3. Oh TG I'm so sorry but I'm LOLTIMES (laughing out loud tears in my eyes) that is just too funny. We have not heard of limber tail either. Feel better Tuc. Limber Jack indeed, I can hear Jack crooning as I type. Very post for today (before we got the award) was gong to be called Madi's Tail. I substituted my award post for the tail post. Madi says good, talkin' about a lady's tail isn't nice. It will be posted Madi. TG since you are familar with our area, yet another day, we are waiting on the late delivery of the not so reliable News and Observer (aka Old Reliable). Wasn't here when we got up at 6am and we're still waiting (7:50am) Madi says say NO to the N&O!!!
    Madi and Mom

  4. I'm trying hard not to laugh...

    Buddy thinks his tail is broken because it only goes from side to's a heavy tail, just like his tongue...

  5. Jack, you be careful with those high heels...

  6. Snicker, snicker, giggle, snort! Jack, you make me smile everyday! Hugs from the Sundancer Gang and Momma Teece!

  7. Hi Jack! How could we not laugh? So funny!

    P.S.: Sorry, we have not been around much, but we are back now!

  8. Sorry Jack...I also hear TG (and my Mommy) singing the popular Monty Python song....BOL

    Smiley Giggles!