Monday, July 6, 2009

July 6, 2009

I have been reading a lot of other puppy blogs and looking at all the really nice puppy pictures. The tall guy says that sometimes I take a good picture and sometimes I don't. I don't think he understands that he's the one with the camera! He says he knows how hard it is to get a good picture of a moving object, especially when that moving object is a puppy. So, he said he would like to thank all the puppy blog people for taking the time (and effort) to put all the puppy pictures online. We both like seeing how the puppies live and all the nice peoples they live with! So, thank you to all the puppy peoples. Oh, and we look at the cat pictures too, but we like the puppy pictures better!

By the way, do NOT watch Kill Bill Part 1 before you go to bed! You will have puppy nightmares all night!


  1. Oh you handsome boy!! I haven't seen a bad photo of you yet. You are very photogenic!!

  2. Jack, You make TG look like a great photographer!
    TG, Thanks for the auto posting info.

  3. Jack...oh how difficult it is to get a good picture of a moving object aka lovely pups with beautiful brown eyes!!! Cats ah yes...I'm one of those and we are quite easy to photograph you see we are always sleeping but when we are awake you can forget the still life. I,for one, get the night crazies at least once a night and I'm told I sound like an elephant running upstairs...really!!I must be having puppy dreams

  4. Jack - the Tall Guy takes VERY good pictures of you - and you are so photogenic. I NEVER cooperate and mom is a lousy picture taker anyway so most of mine are blurry - BOL - i'm gonna keep moving just for the fun o it

  5. Awesome photo of you Jack! We BOTH know we never take a bad photo - maybe it's our photographers huh...what do you say : ) I mean we could both be models, that's what i think anyway.

  6. I don't think there is such a thing as a bad picture of any animal! We are all beautiful...even when we are blurry!!

    This is an awesome not blurry or anything picture of you that the tall man took!!


  7. Jack I think that the tall guy It’s a fantastic photographer...
    Sara’s always forgetting the camera... so most of the pictures on my blog are from her cell phone! I’m a great model you know... but I can’t do all the work! she doesn’t have a clue about photography...


  8. The 'tall guy' takes beautiful photos of a wonderful puppy!... and I know just how difficult it can be.. what do they say... never work with animals and children!

  9. Lookin' good, Jack!! Mom says thank god for the flash - without it, I'd just be a blur!
    - Charlie

  10. Sooo handsome! Your tall guy told me he holds toys over his head, so (hee hee) I know what he was doing when he took this ;-)
    Doesn't matter how though, it is a handsome pic of you as they all are!