Sunday, July 12, 2009

July 12, 2009

A Day in the Life of a Ball

Someone was very nice and brought a big RED and WHITE ball to the puppy park for all the puppies to play with. They even let out some of the air so it would be easier to carry! Peoples are really smart sometimes!!

We weren't really fighting over the ball. He is just helping me carry it around the park for everyone to admire.

Still not fighting - more like a tug-o-ball! I wonder who is going to win this time?

Oh, I guess I did! :)

Maybe if I squeeze all the air out of it, I can carry it easier!

Nope, it just plumps back up!

Well, the tall guy says I have a big mouth. Maybe I'll just carry it over to the shade.

Oh, it's you again. Look - over there - is that a squirrel?

RUN RUN RUN!!!! Ha ha ha!!! Mine mine mine!!!


  1. You sneaky devil...
    You're gonna love the new big ball TG ordered...
    (Thanks for the ordering info).
    I can't wait to see Jack herding the ball like the Border Collie on the webpage.

  2. Morning Jack and TG!!!
    Jack you are so right Opie's life would have been fuller with a Lab in it!!! Jack Madi has decided you are King of the Dog Park and so clever too. We aren't familiar with dog parks. We have two pug friends (Lindy and Stella) who go to the doggie parks we hear they have tons of fun. You are so lucky to have TG in your life,
    Madi and mom

  3. I'm kind of a laid back "snoozy" kind of fella so I ain't played with the BIG DOGS at a dog park....or any dogs...or GONE to a dog park even. I like to hang around and protect Pawpa from Mom's evil grasp. She makes him go places without me. Could'ja send some of that sun to's been raining and raining. I like taking my walk better when it's sunny.

    Grrrrrs to you and JackDaddy
    Gizzy (I'm a BIG DOG in my mind..)

  4. ohhh Jack! you´re my hero!!
    I´m always letting the other pup´s take my toys at the park!!! gee... I just don´t wanna get into a fight!..

    big licks